Google Home Integration


Google action apps? What’s that?


Once this app published, you will be able to use google home to control Yeelight devices, just like Alexa echo.


I’m not using a Pixel. Any way to get Assistant on either S7 Edge and/or Nexus 5X? Without root.

Or did you mean once I set the language to US English I’d receive Assistant update?


Yes I am using LG v20 and as long as I set language to us English I can enable google assistant from the Google app I am running android 7 as well


Thanks mate! It’s working. Will setup IFTTT again when I get home later.

@coasterli Probably got more clarity what you meant earlier now that I am able to see Google Assistant interface. Did you mean after Google Assistant is updated, I can then control YeeLight directly using Google Assistant without using an app like IFTTT?


Yes, just wait for our announcement


Yes, you bet it.


Do you guys have an estimated time? I’ll be waiting for your announcement!


Can’t wait for the big news for Google home/assistant and new yeelight big update b next month.
Just bought some lights from Tmall with promotion price.


Already coding complete and submit for review. But unfortunately I can’t give you any estimation on that.

We have been working on the modification of different kinds of statement and policy base on those review comments. No idea how long it will take.


When it comes out will it be a separate download or be available in the google home app. Is google giving any updates to when they will allow you to have it?




Under review, once approved, you could find our Action in Smart Home section of Google Home app.


exciting stuff, I got a google home and use iPhone, if the google action pass the review and after I update google home could I use ok google to turn off yeelight directly?


After watch Google I/O17 and WWDC 2017 got some ideas for yeelight scene such as “movie time”,“play game” or " dynamic romance ",does anyone have some experience to setting these skill and share with us? I found the yeeligh already support sunrise and sunset scene. it seem possible to make the light change with the music from Spotify or Apple Music.
Just like the JBL LED bluetooth speaker. maybe yeelight can design another awesome smart speaker + LED light based on echo dot ,google home,Siri or 科大讯飞


Nice idea, we will consider it seriously.


looking forward to your updates!


Has google given any hints on when they will release it?


No, not so far.


Any word on the Google Home Integration? It usually doesn’t take Google this long to approve a developer. Were there any problems?


They are training word “Yeelight” since it’s not a standard English word. May take two weeks.