Google Home Integration


From my experience with Philips hue and Google assistant on my phone works every single time


We are in China …


I imagine anything going to would be unstable from behind the great firewall.

If you need me to test anything, let me know (based in SG)


Thanks for your offering! We will release the beta version once it’s acceptable from our side.


where can I get the beta version of the yeelight app?


it’s not app, it’s google home actions, just like Alexa skill. We will let you know once it’s ready for testing.


Definitely​ I am happy to test it as well


will google assistant integration work if bulbs are set to work with Mainland China Server?
I suppose many users in Europe and US have set the bulbs with China Servers because they want to work with Xiaomi Smart Home Products as well.



Sorry, still Singapore server only. China server’s interface is not opened to 3rd party yet.


I would also be willing to test it out when its up for testing!


Still coding and struggling with google service outage. Will let everyone know once it was ready.


Are you guys using a VPN?


Yes, something like that.

But also some service outage for the actions app developer console.


Be sure you submit your action here :slight_smile:


Just got my YeeLight bulbs yesterday. It seems like for voice commands IFTTT only works with Google Assistant. Are there anyway I can use voice command using Google Now (“Okay Google”)? Using an S7 Edge (7.0) and Nexus 5X (7.1?) but haven’t received any Google Assistant update.

Any help would be appreciated!


Already submit for review. Stay tuned!


Thanks! Did you mean the new YeeLight app with the ability to use Google Now already submitted to Play store for review? If so then should be pretty quick before we can download it!


I mean google actions app. Nothing to do with Yeelight app.


You need to set the language as us English in order to enable Google assistant working on both v20 and g5


So cool! Awesome to hear!