Good news, Germany server supported!


Enable this feature, your bulb will remember the color you set.


no no, it is not that,
I don’t want that bulb will turn on after every power cut.

I want to save one color that will start every single time i turn on bulb. regardless the last used color.

The options are
auto on upon power resumption - Off

  • don’t want to turn on bulb after power cut off…

save light state automatcaly - Off

  • don’t want to use the last used color as in the evening I used blue, but then on next day I want to have always white light whenever I turn on bulb.

Set default light

  • here, whatever color I save, bulb starts always with the ‘last used color’
  • it does not remember the saved color.

that is the problem


It should, we will look into it. Thanks for your feedback!


I’ve saved now light strip to movie, tried to save as default starting color.
Changed color to orange.
Turned it off via app.
Turned back on and it started with orange, not with movie color.

tried as well to turn on and off this light strip with name “TV” via Google home mini, that didn’t work either.

Google home recognized my voice, as well tv light confirmed my command, but light strip didn’t do anything. no visible activity.

Get the logs please and fix it.
Thank you


Hi Tomas,

I found your control log, log display your device’s server is Singapore, you should have say to GoogleHome “Okay Google, sync devices”, when sync successful, try control devices, i will keep watching your log.



Hi Tomas,

Default State function only works when device is powered off then on. If you turn on/off device via app, the firmware can save the light that the strip shows the last time, so when the strip is orange, you turn off it via App and the strip should show orange when it is turned on via app.

Best Regards



the color i want to start always is white.
app or bulb, does not remember it
i’ve tried to save it in the app, but bulb start always with last used color.


Hi there
I have set all my lamps to Germany server and works ok. The problem is that i can’t find a Germany server in Mi home app so i can;t use funtions such as BLE… Is there a solution for that ?


Europe in Mihome = Germany in Yeelight


Hi Tomas,

The key point is that, when you say “but bulb start always with last used color”, you mean the bulb start from app or start from wall switch?


From app


Unfortunatelly, Xiaomi’s Europe server does not seems to support yeelight light except desk and bedside lamp …


Do you use Mihome? Please use Yeelight application, which support all Yeelight devices in Europe server.


When the lamp was turn on via app, the lamp will always keep the state when it was turn off.

That feature only works for the case you turn on your lamp via wall switch.


ok from the other side now:

I want to have the lamp/bulb start always with one pre-SAVED color.
App is not saving the desired color.

starting lamp/bulb via app.

this has worked before on Singapore server
now not working with Germany server

How to do that ?


I didn’t get your point.


I think he wants the bulb to always turn on with the same color, if it is turned off from the app.


dalanik, exactly, this worked on singapore sever, but not on german one.


No, it has nothing to do with the server you have selected.


how do you explain then that this has worked on Singapore server, and bulb started every time with white color,
regardless what color I used the evening before.

can anyone say that this is working on German server?

‘wants the bulb to always turn on with the same color, if it is turned off from the app.’