Good news, Germany server supported!


Yes, you need to setup again :rofl:


that’s why I do not change now.
I have 12 lamps all reset and again everything fresh to set up is too much work.
Who knows if everything goes so much better under the German server.
Everything is fine with me and I can get over the slightly longer response time.


Yeah as I thought. But will I loose the colours and the scenes?


yes, as it understands you start again at zero :frowning:


if I have a lot of time and desire I might do it but as long as I think:

Never chance a running system.


Oh I See. But since I just have 2 it isn’t so much work to rest them. But what bothered me is to setup all the scenes and colours again. And I think if you are in Europe everything would react faster when they are connected to Germany.


I already did that once, when I switched from China to Singapore. But I can not remember how it was.


I would do it at two.
But would you do it at 12?
But you can tell if it works better with the German server.


so I finally managed it and setup everything to work. and for 2 lights it was already much more work as expected, so it could be very complex to setup 12 lights. and maybe it’s just in my head but the lights seems to react faster now. but its not a huge change I would say.


Ok Thanks for the test :slight_smile:


:wink: you are welcome.


Someone using the new german Server on Yeelight app could tell me what happens in MiHome?
I have several devices and sensors, and bunch of automations involving sensor and lights.

Thank you


does the gateway (xiaomi?) supports germany servers? does anyone know? thanks!


Can you promise it will support all the same features (curent and future) as other servers in the future?


Yes, all the features will be supported.


I moved all my bulbs and light strip to Germany server,
IFTTT now does not know saved colors/favorites,
Have to use more schemes… What is not good.

Nor the Room light function work properly in app, does not refresh in app when lights are on/off… Not good
Bulbs don’t remember what color was saved as pre defined, always start with last used color… Not good

With Google home it is like with Alexa, I’ve unlinked yeelight from Google home, and linked back again.
Google home mini does know bulbs and their names, but does not do anything when you command it.
It say for example, “yes turning off living room lights” but actually does not do anything, lights stay on.
The same with individual bulbs. - NOT GOOD AT ALL!

Could you please take a look on these issues ?
My I’d is: 1666273752



Try again after restarting Yeelight app.

This issue has nothing to do with server you have selected. Please double check if you have enabled Automatic State Recovery.

We will look into it.


OK, i recorded your MI ID, if you control devices, i will see your log.



Please try again, we will check the log.


I’ve restarted app multiple times, will try to uninstall it and install it back again.

automatic state recovery is off, - the button selector is greyed out.

will try control lights again and will let you know then the times for your logs.