Good news, Germany server supported!


We have just supported Germany server in Yeelight application, you can have a try with the latest version, if you don’t get it from app store, please have a wait.

If you live in Europe and feel latency of current server, you have have a try to move the lamps to Germany server. Please remember that you need reset and reconnect the lamp again.

Germany server supports IFTTT/Google Home/Alexa now.

Android: Version 3.1.19
IOS: 3.1.15

Andy Ding

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with Alexa Support? Edit I try Alexa Support is not Online or you must change the Yeelight Skill?

Yes, with Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT support.

Hi !

I moved my Yeelight to German Server and can control it from the App (3.1.19)

I deleted the Lamp from Alexa App --> Smarthome --> Devices
I tried a search new Devices --> no new device found
I disabled the yeelight-skill and enabled it again and reconnected to my MI-account.
I tried a search new Devices --> no new device found

Anything else I cound try to make alexa work again ?

Thank you !

IFTTT is working after I deleted my applet and made a new one with a new scene as action.
ALEXA APP SEARCH found no devices but it found the new scene. But of course it doesnt work as there is no yee-device associated wit the scene.

Sorry but I think the Yeelight Alexa Skill is only set on Singapore Server.
Alexa App found all Devices but I can not control with Alexa.
Yeelight App is set on Germany with all Devices i can control it with the App. So i think the Skill have no connection to the Germany Server. Please take a look.

Could you give me your XIAOMI ID,so that we can check this issue?


My ID is 1743429761

Thank you

Actually, Alexa supports Singapore, US and Germany server.

You can find all devices from Germany server? Could you try delete all devices from Alexa and sync them agin?

I have the same problem like Aquillum and used the same steps.
The Alexa App show only “No new Device found” .
But it found the new scene and i can used this with the associated lamp.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Seems there’s wrong translation, we will update it.

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The Alexa Skill Shows only Devices from the Singapore Server. I have already 2 not Connected Devices on the Singapore Server and the Alexa App found only these. My Connected Lamps are already on the Germany Server and Alexa App did not find these. So in my opinion the Alexa Yeelight Skill needs an Update to Support the Germany Server.
I was wrong to say Alexa App found my Connected Devices on the Germany Server Sorry about that.

@Yeelighter1 @Tmshopser @Aquillum

We have fixed the issue, please have a try in 10 mins. Thanks for you feedback :thumbsup:


Thank you ! Alexa found the device and I can control it with my voice.

Greets Harry

Hello if I choose the German server are none of my lamps in the list, I have to look all fresh again?

I change to Germany and all my lamps are not in the list?
I have 12 Yeelight devices how do I get all on the german server?
MI ID: 1692999501 Singapur Server

First you delete all your Lamps on the Singapore Server.
Change Server to Germany and reset your Lamps then you can add your Lamps again in the Yeelight App.
You can see in the Yeelight App how to reset your Lamps!

There is no easier solution?
I would not like to reset all the lamps and freshly search and add now !!!
Can not you just copy my whole profile from Singapore to Germany?
With 3 or 4 lamps no problem but with 12 pieces that’s already work :frowning:

The main thing is if German server supports a) Gateway and other devices b) Google Home… :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to switch to the German server but if I do that, do I have to setup everything from the beginning and loos all my settings and favourite colours or not?