Good news, Germany server supported!


No, it should never work like that. You can switch back to Singapore server and give a shot.


I have saved white color as default state.



Again, no matter what color you have saved as default state, that only matters the state when the lamp was turn on from wall switch.

If you don’t believe me, you can switch back to Singapore server and verify if it could work as you have mentioned.


No, in Mihome, the European server doesn’t support Gateway, sensors, cam, Yeelight neither (except for bedside and desk lamps). So I suppose it is better for me to remain on the China server for both MiHome and Yeelight app now. Hope in a future to have more supported devices on the european server.

And maybe a smoothest migration system (i.e. not have to reset and reinstall everything).

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light - cannot add to Germany server

No, please stop.

I am talking from beginning about the option to save default color for lamp,When powered via app.
Please read it from beginning.
You are on a wrong track.


You are on the wrong track - read the topic title :slight_smile:



I don’t understand why don’t you look at what I wrote carefully.

The following is what you wrote:
“how do you explain then that this has worked on Singapore server, and bulb started every time with white color, regardless what color I used the evening before.”

What I mean is that: No, No, No, this is not the truth. You got it?


correct, this function does not work on Singapore nor on German server.
you cannot save bulb color. It always start in app with the last used color.


But don’t know why in Germany server are only 5 recommended modes (Sunrise, Sunset, Night Mode, Flash Notify and Candle Flicker) and on Singapore server are 9 - Sunrise, Sunset, Tea Time, Night Mode, Movie Night, Concentration, Dressing, Flash Notify and Candle Flicker. Why?


Which product do you mean? We will look into it.


Yeelight Ceiling LED (original, 320mm) and Yeelight Ceiling LED 650. Not only on my account. My friend has 1x 650 and same problem on Germany server. A few days back everything was OK.


Yes, there’s actually something wrong when Germany was ready. And we made some changes then, so you could get as more recommend scenes as in Singapore server.


OK, will wait.

And what about favorites scenes for 650 - main light + ambilight together in one button? It’s really annoying to set up two lights and every single one main light and ambilight.


Nothing changes? Why?