Yeelight Strip keep losing connection

I bought 2 yeelight strips.

While they are great, I keep losing connection to them

I either have to reset them, or wait ( wait time vary ) for it to become online again (reconnect to the wifi ).

I have multiple devices connect to wifi ( about 13 but not all are connected at the same time )

I was on US server and switch to Mainland and I still face the same problem. I updated the strips firmware to the latest version.

Please help


Could you help to confirm that could you control with the button from Yeelight application “Turn All On” and “Turn All Off” to see if the offline devices in your application have response?



When it went offline, nothing works (google home, yeelight app ; individual or “Turn All On” and “Turn All Off”)

Right now the light is working but it is not stable as it will become offline at any time.

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I mean does it work from “Turn All On” or “Turn All off” button in Yeelight app.

yeah I just edit my previous answer. It does’nt work when it goes offline. The “Turn All On” and “Turn All Off”.

Hi again,

For 3 days in a row , yeelight strips are working as intended.

But today (Nov 25th) the problem is back, offline at random time and took a while to get back online (unless I reset it )

When it goes offline, nothing works 1) Individual on/off or 2) Turn All on / Turn All off

I have the exact same problem and it seems to have intensified over the past couple of weeks. I have 2 bulbs, 2 lightstrips and a desk lamp. They stop connecting to wifi randomly. I’ve been experiencing the problem from the beginning, but they would only lose connection every couple of weeks. Now it’s almost on a daily basis. I have to disconnect them from the plug and once I plug them in again they regain connection (no need to reset them). Or wait a couple of hours and they randomly reconnect. Really annoying!

which server are you using? Singapore or US?

I am in the US

which server did you choose in Yeelight app?

I choose US.

When you find offline next time, could you check your router and confirm device’s local connection is good?

Ok it just went offline.

I just check on my router, both strips are connected under online device (with DHCP)

Any update?

Do you have “Mihome” app? could you confirm if the device is offline too when it shows offline in Yeelight?

Ok the strips just went offline,

Both strips now offline on Yeelight app, and Mihome app. (both show offline )

Also turn on all and turn off all doesnt work.

But appear connected on router under online device.

I am still have this problem. See my previous reply. I have been trying to get help for a week now.

My new bulb also disconnects from wifi after maybe 15 minutes of use. After that I have to unplug it from power source and wait for about 30 minutes than to reset it and connect again. But 15 minutes later it stops to work again.
I am on the US server, most up to date app and firmware. Also my router is less than 2 meters from the bulb.
I don’t know if it is defective or it can be fixed with future updates.

Hello, I have the same problem here. Just got my Yeelight Mijia Desk Lamp. It goes “offline” after a time 2-30 minutes. I can still switch it on and off(all on all off), but nothing else. Mi Home App also tells me Miija Desk Lamp is offline.
Wifi is close and stable. Tried Singapore and US server.
After resetting and reconnecting it works for another 5 minutes… :neutral_face:
What can I do? At the moment it pretty much useless…

When it goes offline next time, please check your router and find the IP of the lamp if it’s still there. Ping it and let us know the result.