Yeelight RGBW LED bulbs - Logitech Harmony control

I would like to thank the Developers for bringing IFTTT and Echo (and maybe Google Home) support to these products.

My question is if and how I could use my Logitech Harmony Hub (with remote controler or android app) to control my Yeelight (wifi) LED bulbs on my home network?

The Logitech Hub cannot see te Yeelights on the LAN… is it something I need to ask from Logitech to look at or the Xiaomi Developers can add some kind of support?

We are planning to work with Harmony, however, when we ask for their documentation, they didn’t respond to us. As you know Xmas and new year is coming and after that is Chinese new year, so I don’t think the integration could be done by March 2017, sorry for that.

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No problems, it’s understandable… Still, good to know that you are working on it.

Thank you for the update!

+1 for that. Did you get any response from Logitech yet?


Can you please contact Logitech again if they doent answer, perhaps call them? Many users waiting for the Harmony support.

We are short of hands recently, busy with new products, new features and other platform integration. Harmony now is not the first priority. Anyway we will contact them and evaluate the effort, just give us some time.

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ok, thanks

Hello is there any update on this? It would be great to get this functionality working.
I am going to tweet logitech to ask them to allow you to work with their devices, if anyone else wants to do so also so they know there is a demand for it.


any news on this? would be awesome…

is there still no update on this?

Any news? We are waiting for months for this to happen… :disappointed:

We contacted Logitech Harmony and proposed to work with them before, however, there is NO reply yet. By now, we have no plan to work with them.

I contacted them with this Formular and got an answer. They said that they are working on it and I will get an email when they finished their work. Maybe you should try to contact them with the link too or maybe try to call them over phone support.

What they told me from logitech on the other hand was very strange. They told me that, indeed there is no support yet for yeelight but they cannot tell me the reason (although i never asked) because it is confidential.
The actual part of their answer is this:
The reason why it hasn’t been integrated into the system is unfortunately considered confidential and I cannot disclose.

The whole thing between yeelight and logitech is very very strange…

The sad part is that i bought another 3 lamps a while ago for the living room (where my harmony hub is) thinking that this would be possible soon according to the yeelight support here back at the beggining of 2017 and that i could operate them with my harmony control but now they are sitting in their boxes waiting for a long long time… That, and the fact that i bought the yeelight bulbs as “xiaomi” (they sell it with the exact name: Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb), thinking that i could use the IFTTT together with xiaomi gateway (smart switches etc) only to get the answer that “we are different companies” (and why should customer care about this when he buys it under the xiaomi brand? didnt see “IFFFT ONLY IN SINGAPORE” on the title… find a solution together with xiaomi already!) both are making me regret the purchase of 5x RGB lamps already…:unamused:

As we said before, Logitech is not an open platform, we can’t integrate with them by just following some document. We have contacted them several times and asked for integration, however, they just said they need to review our company (our revenue, our size, our products) and then nothing happened. I don’t think its our fault and you should not blame us for not being able to work with someone who don’t want to cooperate.
As you can see, we have supported almost all popular open platforms/ecosystems, even SmartThing integration is supported although they shutdown 3rd party integration later. We are doing our best to meet users’ requirements and we don’t think we are doing something wrong.
Regarding IFTTT only in Singapore server, again, it’s Xiaomi’s strategy, we as an ecosystem company has done our best. If this is confusing, then sorry.

I realise it isn’t your fault, but I’m another Yeelight customer who would like it to work with Harmony. Good luck in trying to contact them

Well unfortunately i dont think they are trying anymore… many of us have both Logitech Harmony Hub and Yeelight lamps but as i understood from what yeelight implies and what logitech told me back in July (about confidential reasons) there is a strange situation between the two companies and actually it seems that they dont really “want” to work to make this happen (its like they dont like each other). Unfortunatelly its us the final users that are left in a “dummy” smart home because two big companies cant cooperate properly.
On one hand Xiaomi cant fix their servers (outside China) so we can have Yeelight with IFTTT, Amazon Echo and at the same time use a xiaomi smart switch, On the other side Logitech has personal reasons that are “confidential” that are not supporting Yeelight and me and many others are left with a home that has Yeelight, Xiaomi gateway and logitech harmony hub that they all cant work properly with each other although they could easily… as i said its the dumbest smart home one could have! :slight_smile:
To be fair, between Xiaomi and Yeelight, Xiaomi is the one to blame (but Yeelight is the one that has to push things for their own interest) but between Yeelight and Logitech i have the sense that they are both to blame because noone gives a clear reason of why this was abandoned and what are the “confidential” reasons. Yeelight might say that its Logitech that dont answer but i never saw any real desire from Yeelight to make this happen and all this confidential thing and all the covered implies shows me that it is not as simple as the bad Logitech that supports all others except Yeelight.

Not sure if this is still relevant but since neither Yeelight or Logitech are providing support for this, there is another very easy option.

Amazon Echo Dot controls both yeelight and harmony hub. (30 USD)

You can easily create a scenario that is “Alexa turn on TV” where by TV, Receiver, Nvidia Shield (in my case) get switched on by Alexa through the harmony hub and at the same time Alexa turns on all Yeelights that you have selected for that group.

It works so well that i don’t even use my harmony remote anymore…

Yes but… controlling the lights from harmony would allow you to have a physical button in harmony to turn on/off, you could change scenes, change colors etc from the touchscreen like you do for HUE.
What you describe is automation and it is known that it can be done for a very long time (even long before this thread) so unfortunately its not relevant with the subject at all…

Now for this automation (i already have harmony hub + amazon echo for a very long time) although we are offtopic, even then it is not the best solution for me since it requires amazon echo or google home and also requires voice commands that are very limited for harmony (thats a fact…) and that dont suit everyone and also you dont actually control the lights but only use an automation to do something specific whehn one of the (few) tv actions occur. Not that ideal… so even then i would like all this to happen when i press the “watch xxx” on my remote and not through Alexa and most importantly to work for devices not only actions. Anyway we are offtopic… as i said its not going to happen since yeelight and logitech dont want it to happen (probably money in the middle…lets be honest…)