Yeelight RGBW LED bulbs - Logitech Harmony control


We all have different needs but for me this works well…I only use the Shield nothing else so i suppose there is the difference

Am sure you know you can tell Alexa to change color to blue or red or yellow - albeit straight blue or red not an off pink or something but that works for me - I want lighting behind my tv and a few on the side. Mostly i find yellow and blue to be the best colors for my settings but in the event that i want a different color yeah i’ll grab my phone to fine tune a setting. But you probably know you can create a scene on the Yeelight app too for a specific color and x amount of Yeelights and tell Alexa to turn that on or dim to 10% etc…

For Nvidia Shield i have very little choice, the Harmony remote works with it but not very well plus it’s heavy and bulky (i have the elite) plus it gets dropped on the floor from time to time. Switching activity or device on the elite touch screen was definitely more work and even if it had Yeelight control it would not have the same amount of control the Yeelight app has, with a color pallet and all. Harmony is not that good.

The Shield has a tiny little remote that just works and there’s no real alternative. Volume up and down for my receiver can also be done from the tiny Shield remote, so for my setup it’s almost perfect. I love walking into the room with my hands full and just have Alex turn everything to right setting with one command

But yes it is completely off topic and 2 years later and still nothing from either of them thought i’d throw it out there for the uninformed in case there are any…