YeeLight is now supported by diyHue (Philips Hue emulator)


For anybody that wish to control the YeeLight bulbs from 3rd party hue applications is now possible to emulate them as Philips hue lights with diyhue hue emulator. Almost all applications from hue ecosystem are working.

Seems extremely interesting. I’ll have a look 'cause in my house I have both Hue and Yeelight and I wish I could control both with a single app

You can proxy also all the lights from the real hue bridge, or you can add the emulator as second hue bridge in the official app. Be aware that most hue apps don’t allow to connect more than one bridge.

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Hi! I’ve configured my three Hue Lightstrips and my five Yeelights with your system and… wow! That’s really AMAZING! Really man, thank you so much! I use the emulated bridge as the main one and it works great.

Sometimes there are some issues with the Yeelight connection but I think I’ve solved the problem giving a static IP to the lamps (the problem usually happened after powering off and on the router, raspberry and so on).

It would be simply perfect if you could add the bridge to Philips Account for remote control but I think it is non possible…

Hi, yesterday i made a new update that fix the ip addresses of yeelights on every light scan, but better use dhcp reservation. Regarding Philips account, it is complicated because the protocol to cloud servers is not public and is encripted with a certificate hardcoded in the bridge. I did not made any investigation here because i don’t own any Philips Hue device.

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Thanks! I’ve used DHCP reservation and it seems it is now solved. Anyway, how do I update your tool? Will I lose the configuration?

As far as remote control is concerned, don’t worry, it could be a very useful feature but it is not necessary. What’s most important is the LAN control.

Usually the update is done by replacing the file in /opt/hue-emulator/ and by restarting the hue-emulator service. But here there is an issue, because the small amount of time between release and update (less than 24h) i don’t add the extra code that will patch the configuration. With the new detection method the unique id of the bulb is stored in configuration and the code is expecting this to be present there. Now to have a successful update you need to go in setting -> lights and delete all yeelight bulbs from hue app, then perform the update and add back the lights with a new lights search. Configuration file is config.json in /opt/hue-emulator/, you can back up this file very time you perform some changes that can cause issues.

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Can you consider making use of the music mode functionality? It removes the command quota of 60 commands per minute (144 in LAN mode) and allows apps like hueManic to function properly without the light shutting off due to getting too many requests.

I read now how music mode works and is not easy at all as it require a new dedicated service. From hue api perspective there is no way to detect if there will be a big number of requests (ex: music mode) to enable/disable something. As a workaround i can add a delay that will ensure the yeelight requests limit will not be reached anymore. This delay will be forwarded to application http request, so hueManic will know it need to be a little more slower.

Hi, I’m not at home so I ask you. Does the new Hue App 3.0 work with your system? Because from the app it asks for a necessary Bridge Update but I don’t know if it is actually asked when connected to the fake bridge

I’m still at work, currently i don’t know if old trick will work anymore as this is a major update. In the past pushing the button to update the bridge will fetch a file from my git repo and replace the swversion on emulated bridge. In a few hours i will arrive home and check what need to be done. If you don’t want to wait you can edit swversion in config.json => config => swversion and put there 1802201122 or 1804201116 (this one is beta release)

Actually I’m not at home too, I’ll get back on Friday and I’ll let you know. Please let me know if everything works fine once you tested :slight_smile:

Any news?

Is working. After update button pop up click update. Will be an failed update, but next time when you start the application the bridge is “updated”.

Awesome! Thanks

Hi has anyone got this working with the Yeelight Strip Colour and if so how, please make it really simple to understand or screen record yourself doing it! I would really appreciate it

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Did you enabled LAN mode from Yeelight application?

Instead of controlling Yeelight bulb with 3rd party Hue apps, can I use this to mask Yeelight bulb as Philips Hue bulb and connect them to Smartthing hub so I can control the bulbs from Smartthings app?

This is happening by default, Yeelight bulbs are emulated into Philips color bulbs.

Thank you. That’s great.