YeeLight is now supported by diyHue (Philips Hue emulator)


I tried setting diyhue up with yeelight v1 and smartthings. It works without problem.

One thing I would like to suggest/request is a webui button equivalent of “light search” function in the Hue app to reduce setup steps for new light.

My Current steps:

  1. Add new light bulb to Yeelight app
  2. Turn on LAN control mode
  3. Do a light search and add the emulated Yeelight in Hue app
  4. Link the diyhue-bridge to 3rd party hue apps or Smartthings

The webui light search button would eliminate Step 3 above.

I know my use case isn’t the most common here but it would be nice to have one less app in the phone.

Thank you for a great piece of software!