Yeelight Control over LAN


@dingyichen @coasterli any comments on how the LAN Control implemented or if it even works at all please?


Yes, currently it is. Cause there’s some work to do, like lots of features don’t support in LAN model, we will adding support LAN control without internet connection after we done.

Currently, you have other options here. From Yeelight application, slide menu/Integration/More Tools, you can find more apps only works on LAN mode.



Thanks for the details. Any estimates when LAN Control will be implemented?


We have implemented LAN Control yet. if you enable LAN mode, and your phone and the lamp are in the same network, messages would be transferred through local network, there’s lower delay this way.

However, as I said above, the online/offline state is based on state from the cloud. So if the lamp also shows online in local network, there’s some work to do(I sail in last reply). But i can’t commit anything at this point.


I beg Yeelight team to activate the LAN control in addition to cloud mode. It can be useful sometimes. In case of internet outage for example. All the app I have already have that function implemented except Yeelight one : Kasa, Smartlife, Lifx. Thanks in advance.