Yeelight Control over LAN

Hi, could you implement an Option for controlling the yeelight devices through a Local Network? This would speed the whole thing up a lot! Thank you.


There are loads of apps you can try to speed things up.

If you are on android use:
Yeti smart home


If your on iOS use:
LightYeeAr or
Yeti smart home

These all go through your wifi and are extremely fast and very useful.

Hope this helped,


Yeti looks promising :thumbsup:
giving it a try. any 3rd party apps that also support Mi Home ecosystem?

We are also considering add LAN support in Yeelight app in upcoming App update.


It seems like the Yeelight App now has LAN control, but can you explain to me what it is?

+1. I also don’t quite get it what is LAN control. I can turn it on/off in settings (Yeelight app) but it has no visible change? I can still i.e. control my bulbs from python etc via Json? What is this for?

If you turn on the LAN Control and your phone in same local network as your bulb, all the control command will be sent to your device via LAN instead xiaomi cloud.

When will this Feature be available in the yeelight IOS App?

It’s already available in the iOS version, just no switch to turn it off.

And if it is not, will it fall back to the cloud?

Everytime I turn on this option and exit the app, and then return it is OFF again?

Exactly the same! @weiwei, is it a known bug?

Will fix in next release.

Great, thanks!

Thanks a lot!!

Any news on this? (LAN option not sticking but returning to off)? This shouldn’t be too hard to implement? I am mostly controlling Yeelights from home on local Wifi, there’s no need to go throught China/Singapore servers because it is slower.

New app has already supported local control, it’s under internal testing.

Great, hopefully we’ll se it soon. The best would be if LAN option is ON to try LAN and if it fails (is not on the same LAN) it fallsback to the cloud?

That’s exactly what we do. It’s invisible to user.

When will you release the new version with the fix?