Yeelight Control over LAN


Still need couple months. This will be huge change. Please be patient!


My app never remembers the LAN setting. Whenever I go back into the app if it hasn’t been running, it defaults back to off. I’m on android and running the latest version.


If possible, could you PLEASE add the ability to set the LAN Control in the mi home app?
I’ll explain: currently you can only set the LAN Control in the Yeelight app. I want to add my yeelight to the mi home app to control it with more sophisticated rules (like turning on/off with an mi Aqara switch), but I need to reset my yeelight bulb in order to add it to the mi home app. In the mi home app you cannot set the LAN control for the yeelight (you can for the gateways), which is a fundamental feature for my home automation.


Are you sure you cannot have the bulbs in both apps? I can, I used to have some bulbs in both, but since switching to homeassistant which is much more useful than mi home I have no need for this any more.


AFAIK the yeelight bulb must be in pairing mode to be added to any of the apps. To put it in that state requires a reset (5 times cycling the power on and off for 2 seconds), so the other app is not linked to the bulb anymore. I tried starting from both apps (so first install the bulb in yeelight app then in mi home app, and then the other way around). When I reset the bulb, the first app doesn’t see it anymore, it reports it as offline.
I am using home-assistant too, but I want to be able to rely on both home-assistant and mi home app.
The yeelight app is only needed to set the LAN control to on (well, it also has a few nice features to control the bulb).


No, I first added the bulb to yeelight, then when I opened the Mi Home app I could add the bulb without having to reset it.


are you sure both your accounts are on the same server?


What do you mean?
I tried creating two different mi accounts and use the share functionality but it didn’t work.
Only thing I am not sure about are the servers. I will check that out.
Will post my findings.


I use the same account and make sure they are both on the same server, I’m using China mainland e.g


Ok. I see my yeelight app was set up for using the German server whereas my mi home app the China mainland. I will set up the bulb once more with the new settings.


What? no way it needs reset! There is NO pairing mode at all! You can have it in any app, and in Yeelight + MiHome w/o any problems. You just need LAN access enabled.


Ok. It now works. Indeed the yeelight app defaulted to the German server, whereas the mi home app was set up to China Mainland. With the same server and the same mi account I am now able to see and control the bulb from both apps.
After I changes the server in the yeelight, I had to reset the bulb (5x power down/up cycles) to pair it again. I don’t know of any other way to put the bulb in pairing mode…
Thanks @dj_elo for pointing me in the right direction!


Great :slight_smile:


Just adding an extra piece of information: by using the China Mainland server in the yeelight app you lose the ability to control the bulb with Amazon Alexa. It is stated in the alexa skill for yeelight that they cannot access the chinese server. A bit disappointing…


And Google… but, on the other hand, on china server everything else works :slight_smile: except voice assistants…


Well, yes and no… I don’t use the yeelight skills as the cloud skills are slow and have the server limitation you mentioned… I have everything hooked up via home assistant and can control all the bulbs via alexa


I use Tasker with send/expect plugin and IFTTT for voice assistant… :slight_smile: But I don’t use it very much…


@coasterli does LAN Control work as expected? I’ve disconnected WAN cable from the router to test it, but the app is showing all bulbs and lights as Offline, though the are not. LAN Control is switched on for all devices. What’s the way to check if there is any control over LAN?


Currently, online/offline state is based on state from the cloud, so if your router has no internet connection, the lamp would show offline.


So, there is no LAN Control without Internet connection? Because we can’t manage devices which have Offline state in the app.