Yeelight ceiling Light does not work

I’ve bought my Light yesterday. After inatallation it blinked. Some temptations and I succesfully updated to New software so the light starts to work very well. But only one night. When I turned it off by Wall switch It is turned off but now it is impossible to switch on … Neither with a wall switch or with the remote control. In the yeelight app it’s always offline. :thinking:
What soud I do? Thanks

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turn off your router and yeelight. then turn on router, wait a bit and turn on yeelight.

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Does not work… Always offline and makes no Light

Please provider your MI ID, we will have a look at it.

This morning the light works…

try firmware update as soon as possible if your firmware is not the latest

I updated this sunday… 3 days ago

And now is dead another time…

Why the ceiling Light does work well for some days, switched on-off only with remote control. When I switched it off by Wall switch… It’s offline and impossible to switch on…

If you power it off by wall switch, there’s no doubt that it will be offline.

Very good answer… The light is always offline and off, in any case. With wall switch on too.!!!

The same thing happened to me!
Except for one thing. That I bought 2 lamps, one works great and the other with the same problem he has …
What can I do so that you can fix my lamp?

Ok, Thank you, my MI ID is 1780943053

Done, please have a try with the latest version 1.5.5_0180.

Can you provide the new firmware please? Mi ID is 1587414016

I have this problem with one of my ceilings


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I think it’s solved. Thanks!

Can I have access to the new firmware? I’m having some isssues with the ceiling lamp.
Thanks in advance
my ID: 1688880172

Have added you in the list, have a try tomorrow.