Yeelight ceiling Light does not work


Thank you, My problem were with the switch wall, and seems related to the auto power switch. But you recommend me to update firmware anyway?


The app says 1.5.5_0178 with EEUU server, Do I need to change server for firmware update?


My problem the same that.please add me to id: 1687076808


I bought a yeelight ceiling light yesterday. I have it installed. Didn’t create an account nor downloaded the app yet because it was for my AirBnB unit. The next day my client called because it won’t turn on using both the remote and from the wall switch. I was forced to transfer them to my own unit. I am planning to change all my lights with yeelight ceiling lamp but these lights will just give my clients bad experience, I don’t think it will be a good idea. It won’t turn on. I tried downloading the app but of course it won’t be able to detect the light because the light won’t turn on itself.


Feel sorry about the issue.

Could you have a try with following step?

  • Cut down power of ceiling lamp for about one hour.
  • Power on ceiling lamp to see if it can power on.
  • If yes, please reset it and connect it with Yeelight application.
  • Update firmware to latest version once it connected.



I have the same problem.
One time, then light was working, i try to switch it off by the yeelight remote control. The lamp is not switched off. Then I power off lamp by the wall switch. After that, I try to switch on by the wall switch - lamp not working. The lamp won’t turn on using both remote and wall switch.

  • Cut down power of ceiling lamp for about one hour. - no reaction from lamp.
  • Power on ceiling lamp to see if it can power on - no reaction from lamp.


Please make sure if battery of remote control is good.


Hey. The lamp stopped working. Need some help. mi ID 4153015355


What’s the problem for detail?


Probably a problem with the details! What to do in this situation, the date of manufacture of the lamp Mar 2018g. Not purchased in Russia, no warranty