Yeelight Ceiling 650 light switches ON randomly after FW update


I had notification that there is update to Ceiling 650 to 1.5.5_0043, but now it is gone - no notification at all both in Yeelight and MiHome apps :slight_smile: Will there be newer version?


Thank you. Unfortunately, due to my inattention, the application has been updated again to 1.5.5_0045. Could I get the right version again?


Thanks, i got both… About Ceiling light it was too often unavailable if LAN control is enabled. About Bedside Lamp i am still unable to enable LAN control… If i try to press the switch to make LAN control on, nothing happens and the switch remains OFF, but after some time, without trying again to enable it, it goes ON… but after some time it returns OFF. My last firmware is 1.5.5_0182 and not 1.5.5_0045… why?


Hi, are you still able to see the issue with 1.5.5_0045?


1.5.5_0045 is for Ceiling 650. And 1.5.5_0182 is the latest version for bedside lamp.
From your description, I think the issue is caused by network lagging.


Hi, I am currently on a business trip. I don’t know if the problem still exist.


I am on China Mainland server and i just got 1.5.5_0182 on Yeelight Ceiling 650 Lamp. No 1.5.5_0045


impossible. 1.5.5_0182 is for Yeelight Ceiling Light


Impossible but true… I double checked the firmware just updated and I have 1.5.5_0167 for bedside WiFi and 1.5.5_0182 for ceiling light.
If I know how to insert screenshot I have it for both devices…
No _0045 firmware here…


are you positive you have one of this?


I have this:


ok, your lamp has no need the firmware discussed in this thread.


My Yeelight 650 light switches on and off randomly and the light always offline from the network. The firmware of the light is 1.5.5_0038.Can I have an updated firmware that can resume the light back to normal. Thank you. My ID: 249733385


Just got the notification to update to 155.0045… Will try when I get home, hopefully It’ll work :slight_smile:


Weird you are seeing this issue with 1.5.5_0038. Please describe the issue in detail. It could be caused by hardware defect.


Unfortunately I also have the problem that my lamp just happens to turn on.
But I have two and the problem is just a lamp.
So weird, both on the same firmware version: 1.5.5_0043
ID: 1692999501
Please also for help or update release.


Find it strange that it only occurs with 1 lamp with me in my 2, everything is OK
Please anyway to release the latest firmware firmware
ID: 1692999501
Thank you




After I installed my 650 Ceiling light, it turns on and off randomly and I cannot control it by the remote control. It always shows offline through Yeelight App even the wall switch is on. I upgraded the firmware to 1.5.5_0045 when it lights up in a short period of time but the problem still occurs. How can I know it is a hardware defect or just a firmware problems. Thanks.


Unfortunately, I will not see any update :slight_smile:
He says that 1.5.5_0043 is the latest version
What’s going on ?