Yeelight Ceiling 650 light switches ON randomly after FW update


Hi, yesterday I got a new version of the software (1.5.5_0043) and this problem appeared … :frowning: Help
MI ID 1598304945 (Mainland China server)


just got notification on firmware upgrade for 650 to 1.5.5_0043, is it safe? :slight_smile: Anyone tried it?


Anyone? I am afraid to update the firmware :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


At night, the lamp turned on a few times at random. Is there a solution to this problem?


So I’d better not update, since I have no problems… my wife would KILL me if it turned on in the middle of the night, she already has problems accepting all this smart home stuff :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



please try 1.5.5_0045 …

The issue occurred with 1.5.5_0041. then there’s 1.5.5_0043 in hope to solve it. Worked for some devices. Now we found a better solution, which result in 1.5.5_0045.

If 1.5.5_0043 is not working for you, please try 1.5.5_0045 out and feedback.


same problem please send me the new update
MI ID:1151457501


After the change everything returned to normal. Thanks


Any chance to have this update? I need it ASAP…
My ID 1546985877


your account id is already in the whitelist. check it out


How to check? Will I receive the firmware on the app?


yes, check for firmware updates and you should get 1.5.5_0045


Still nothing and I actually have 1.5.5._0181.
And what about bedside WiFi problems?


Strange but I still do not receive the updated firmware… Is it normal?


1.5.5_0045 update is newer than mine 1.5.5_0181 ?
Still having the _0181…


mi id: 1581974595
please add me…my light keeps turning on when i am sleeping… thanks @liufei @dingyichen


Sorry, but still not getting firmware update…


I have the same problem, please send me the new update
Account ID:1736639979


Sorry I missed the context…
So you are asking for updates to bedside lamp and “Yeelight Ceiling Light”, and I updated the whitelist for 650…
Fixed. Now you should be able to see updates for both.

BTW, what’s the issue with “Yeelight Ceiling Light”?


Done,please have a try.