Yeelight Ceiling 650 light switches ON randomly after FW update

Today the Mi Home app (China Mainland server) updated to version 1.5.5_0041 my ceiling light 650.
After the FirmWare update the ceiling light switches ON randomly. I reset the light and added newly but still same behaviour.

Is there a way to get back / re-install the old firmware because it worked without problems?

Waiting for yeelight response.

Same here even after reset .please fix it asap

Funny that I read here about 2 updates to Ceiling 650 (I’m on china server) and I don’t get any…


We have received report on this issue (though we could not reproduce it on devices at hand) and have a fix now in alpha, which will be released soon. In case you prefer to get the update earlier, please send me your xiaomi ID; then you can receive the firmware notification within hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Liu, Fei

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The update is kind of pre-released and only 30% of the users could receive it. Guess you are lucky to be among the 70%…
This version fixed some stability issue but we still see disconnect issue under specific network situations. Working on the fix. Will come back soon.


my xiaomi ID

Thank You in advance

Works fine now - thanks for your quick response and update.

same here
my xiaomi ID
Thank You in Advance


oh my god it’s driving me nuts I’m trying to fall asleep & it’s 3:22 am now
last night it woke me 3 times, twice tonight already.
liufei please save me!!!

thanks man


it’s done. i’m sorry …

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not seeing the update in both mi home & yeelight app…
am I doing something wrong?
anyways thanks for your fast reply :slight_smile:

same here, nothing has changed

Please help me , I got a same problem.

My mi account ID is 24511497
email for login is

could you please help also

MI ID:1735123149


should be working now

Hi, all,
You should be able to receive the update reminder now.
We are pushing to release the new version. Should be there within 1-2 days.

Liu, Fei

Is it also for bedside WiFi lamp or only for ceiling light? I am having same problems also for bedside WiFi lamp

My id 1546985877 please send me fix ASAP

It’s for Ceiling 650 light only.
Do you mind describing the issue in details and showing the firmware version?

About bedside WiFi lamp I am unable, since latest firmware, to enable LAN control. The switch is always off so the lamp is always unavailable for LAN control. I had several other users who have the same problem. The firmware is the latest updated since some days ago.

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