Yeelight Alexa Skill is officially published !


Hi! Is there a list of working commands for Alexa? I have the RGBW LED lightbulb and i can’t change the brightness, unless i use IFTTT


Alexa smart home skill only provides following interface for us:

  1. Dim/Brighten light by xx percent
  2. Dim/Brighten light to xx percent
  3. Set light to xx percent
  4. Turn on/off light
  5. Turn on //this command can be used for color changing or group changing.


I set few scenes on my yeelight app. How do i trigger it?
Named it “Good Morning”. When I said “Alexa, Good Morning”, light does nothing


Alexa, turn on “scene name”


Does Alexa support Yeelight Groups? I have created a group with 2 bulbs and name it “Living Room Lights”. I’ve tried rediscovering on Alexa a few times, but the group name doesn’t show up.
Any idea why this is the case?


Since Alexa app support group feature already, we didn’t sync the group into cloud. For now please create the group in your Alexa app.


Hi Wilson,

you and your team really made a great job! Actually, my setting include the following functions:

  • turn on/off,dim/brigthen/set light etc.
  • set color (via scene managment)
  • set wakeup light (set scene via IFTTT / alarm off -> set alarm level as desired)
  • create scenes ect.

Now I want to program a sleep timer for my daughter. since there is no option to control the timer included in the yeelight app with a spoken command, I use the scene “sunset”, that works quite fine. However, the time period (15 minutes) is a little short, so I#d like to now if there#s a possibility to create a similar scene by myself, with a longer dim period? A simple turn off after 30 minutes will do it as well, but i have no idea how to realize it. IFTTT gives the option the set a scene after timer off, but since the stupid alexa timer always(!) gives a signal sound (even if signal volume is turned to zero), this is not a good solution for a sleep timer.

You have an idea?

Thx in advance :relaxed:


Our App team is working on a major update recently which includes lighting effect editing. This feature will provide the maximum flexibility to user, you can actually “program” your lights. Please stay tuned for our App update.


Thank you Wilson,

that’s great news, looking forward to this update!

Best regards


wondering if alexa will also detect xiaomi smart plug socket?


Unfortunately no.


still can’t discover my Yeelight Lamp in Alexa App.
Server is right.
I’ve log out and login, changed my location to US in xioami settings.
Removed and added again my lamp.
Removed skills and added again.
Discover doenst see my Yeelight bedside lamp.


Yeelight bedside lamp is BLUETOOTH device, which doesn’t support remote control. For Alexa and IFTTT, you must purchase Yeelight WiFi device.


Hi, I’ve recently purchased 4 colour bulbs and I’m using them with amazon echo. Is there a way to control groups/rooms e.g. Living room on/off without using scenes with the echo?


You can create and manage group in Alexa app.


Hello everyone!

@weiwei thank you & your team for the awesome work.

I have only one question which still troubles me:

I have also purchased the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit (gateway+sensors+PIRs) and for this to fully work you must assign it to Mainland China servers, becase Singapore servers do not support these devices. On the other hand Yeelight voice control works only through Singapore servers. Therefore if I want Yeelight voice control I cannot have Yeelights working wirth the rest Home Alarm Kit.

I would like to be able to use both voice control & xiaomi alarm integration as it is very crucial not only for me, but I think i’m speaking on behalf of many other users. Is there currently ANY workaround for this? And if not are there any plans to do it?

Thank you again for your work!


We are really sorry about this awkward situation. As one of the Xiaomi’s ecosystem company, the best we can do is to provide good services to our users (Yeelight users) as possible as we can. However, we have to follow some policy and strategy at the meantime. Also, we can’t control other companies, for example, that makes Smart Home kit.
We are pushing Xiaomi team on globalization and we hope they will make some progress.


this is a major screw-up on xm side. not just this, but also on language, apps (iOS & android apps behave differently), servers, consolidation, standardization. not sure what the responsible xm team is smoking, but i want some too.


is it possible to set bulb timer via alexa or it’s something amazon side needs to enable? example “set bulb 1 timer 15 minutes”


Alexa doesn’t provide that voice interface, so we can’t do anything.