Yeelight Alexa Skill is officially published !


Hi there!
New Alexa & Yeelight user here.
Singapore Server in Yeelight app. Fully activated MI Account.
Tried removing aws and activating skill in alexa app.
Everytime I grant permissions on my way to activate skill, once I hit the ‘submit’ button the skill page reappeares and the skill remains inactivated.
Afterwards aws is activated, the skill is not.
Tried the usual stuff (Turning apps/devices on/off etc.)
Any suggestions?


Could you post some screen shot here?


Hello. I am a US user and I have the yeelight white bulb. It is connected to the MiHome app via the Mainland China server. Bulb works fine in MiHome app, but I cannot connect to Alexa. When I hit “discover” within the Alexa app, nothing happens. I tried changing the locale within MiHome to Singapore. When I scan for the device, the bulb is not recognized. I tried adding it manually, but the white bulb is not even in the list for the Singapore server. When I go back to Mainland China server, it works fine in MiHome app, but no Alexa. Please help - how do I get this bulb to talk to Alexa?


To better work with Alexa, please choose Yeelight app instead of MiHome app. Then you need to reset your bulbs (by turn on/off five times in a row), choose Singapore server in App and then re-configure the bulb through app. After that, enable Yeelight skill in Alexa app and run device discovery.


Hi guys,
I have the problem that my yeelight skill can not be activated. I’m a German user and my yeelight app works fine. I’m using the singapore.server. If I try to activate my yeelight skill in the alexa app, I log in to my mi account but the skill remains unactivated. I tried deleting the AWS permissions but tthis doent help either. Setting everything up from the beginning also didn’t work. Help please!

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Thank you. That was helpful.


Could you post some screen capture here? I don’t quite understand “skill remains unactivated”…


Hey weiwei,

thanks for your fast answer.
I found a solution myself. When I tried to activate the Yeelight skill in my Alexa Smartphone app, it didn’t work.
Now I activated the skill on my computer and everything works fine!

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Will I be able to use Yeelight Bedside Lamp (bluetooth) with Alexa?


The answer is NO, only Yeelight WiFi based devices are supported. Yeelight bedside Lamp is based on bluetooth.


Hello @weiwei any news regarding simultaneous function of alexa voice commands & control via xiaomi smart gateway?

If not, any other workaround for that guyz?


Sorry, no update regarding this issue.


Thanks for your information. I test it out. Thats s good idea. Greetings from Germany


dear Wei2,

does alexa can check the status of lights (which room are on and which room are off)?
thank you in advance…


Alexa is developing the new generation API, which internally called vNext, it has the capability. We are working on this new API recently.



I am unable to discover yeelight strip at all under Alexa echo dot. It is working with app and Singapore server.
Tried to re-enable skill, reinstall app, reset strip, situation is still same.

Any ideas?

Thank you,



Resolved by enabling upnp on the router, but I am not happy with the security risk


It has nothing to do with your router. If you disable upnp, it will also work.


Alright, well today i was able to turn up the strip with Alexa. After that strip was unavailable on wifi even under mobile app.Is IFFTT still more viable for yeelight products? I dont want to reset the device and reinstall apps every day.


Hello Everyone

I dont see the Yeelight Skill in india.
Is there a way to load it .