Will YeeLight plan on making a longer light strip?

I have the RGBW light strip but it is only 2m and there are a few projects I have in mind where having a longer length would be helpful, Like accent light inside crown molding.

It would make life very helpful to have a 2m and 5m version. Also with full digital control similar to the Phillips hue. In Fact I think you guys missed the boat developing that dumb candle light and should have focused on a direct competitor to the Phillips hue strip.

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Already under development, stay tuned.



I have same problem as joe0121. I need longer strip.

When can we expect longer strip to be available?

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it’s already under development, I think it may take 4~6 month.

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Send me one I’ll beta test it for you :slight_smile:

If you can post some reviews on Youtube, no problem.

I can do that for Sure.

Will contact you know when sample is ready.

Awesome. Maybe have the development engineers reach out as well if they have someone who speaks decent English. I assume there will be added functionality maybe you could do an SDK so people can create their own scenes. Really if there was a method for making custom themes there would be zero reason to buy the hue light strips/bulbs.

I’m the development engineer and all other Yeelight staffs here too. :smile:
The longer version still can’t program each diode individually … The decision is not made by engineer, but product manager instead.

Oh Cool. I should leave you alone and let you develop the product but I have to ask.

Are you going to use analog LED’s in the long version then or digital. In other words just a longer version of the current product?

If digital why reduce the functionality to that of analog LED’s ? Or will the capability be there from a hardware point of view and the software to be added later?

When I read your reply in this thread, I was very excited that a new lightstrip is under development.

I hoped that it will be a digital one, so each chip can be addressed individually, or at least has a few segments like the LIFX Z lightstrip, but now I’m very sad that it will be an analog one. :frowning:

I don’t mind if it will be more expensive then this led strip, if it have a few programable segments like the LIFX Z lightstrip.

I wish that too.

I recommend you do a product which its easy extendable and a choice of using a correct power supply

Let me explain.
Power supply of 2 types: for up to 5 meter lenght, and other type of up to 10-15 meters
Strips of 2 meters with a connector at the end that you can easily add additional 2 m3eters (or 1 meter).

So its easy to have 1 meter, 2, 3, 4, 5 up to 15 meters of strip.

That will sell a lot in my opinion

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If the current light strip already uses an addressable LED strip and comes with all the code needed to control it, extending it to 5m would be quite an easy job.

It’s a shame that the product manager made such a decision :sleepy:

Also I can test the light, if you need help with programming here I am with that :wink:

I can also help in the beta testing if you need. I’m able to post a Youtube video about it. :blush::+1:t2:

I’m also available for beta test.

Actually i have 12 Body Sensor + 24 build + 4 strip.
I’m waiting a long strip to install on the top-side of my house!

I am also interested in beta testing

I am a software developer with electronic hobby background (arduino based lighting) from Germany. I would also assist you with translating the app etc. in return, since it is interesting for all of your supporters from here.

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So I’ve recently just gotten into smart home and I️ was planning to hook my whole room with LED strips. The problem is that the 2 meter strips are too short. If you would send me a few of these longer strips I’d be happy to upload a video of my newly renovated room to YouTube to promote Yeelight. Thankyou in advance