Will YeeLight plan on making a longer light strip?


More info?


Do you have a possible release date for this new longer Yeelight led strip

Thank you and best regards


Around June 20th


@Weiwei, any News for this longer Strip ? I don´t want to buy the short one if a Longer one is made available ^^


The extendable version is under internal testing, please stay tuned.


It will be extendable ( Like Need to buy 2*2m to get 4m) or just longer ( Buy directly 4m) ?


Hello weiwei

Did you have any concrete date for the release of this longer led strip right now?

Also please let me know if you are available in order to perform a review of this product and share this on my youtube channel , facebook page and group

Thank you and best regards


I am afraid that it will be extendable. you can see here the user manual https://fccid.io/2ABEU-YLDD04YL


And it will be 80 inch = 2m the first. And 40 inch=1m each extension.