When WIll YeeLight Skill Be Avail for Alexa Canada?


If you changed your Alexa language to US - then you aren’t likely beta testing the Canada skill. You are installing the US skill which has been available for a long time.

Beta testing the Canada skill would be done with English-Canada set as language in Alexa. If people are willing to change their language to English-US they don’t need to be on any special list to use the Yeelight skill since it is there for all US users and has been for a long time…




Hey there my email is Usman.s.mir@gmal.com could you please add me to the beta for Canadian users. I’ve been looking all over for this. I have 2 yeelight bulbs and would love to get more if this works out. Thank you!


it is still not available on Alexa skils
I wanna do the beata test



Hello, can you send me a link to the Canadian beta? mitchell.sager@gmail.com thank you!


Can you please add me to beta for Alexa? enashca27@gmal.com


Can you please add me to the Alexa beta program too? My email is mmorton1@lakeheadu.ca


Can you please add me to the Canadian Alexa beta program? email is zipangulu@hotmail.com thanks!


Hey weiwei, could you please add me to the beta list for Canada skill support? Thanks- email : tjmax3@hotmail.com


Hey weiwei could you send me the beta, email is Jarrett.goodwin@hotmail.com


@JarrettGoodwin @Akin-J @zipangulu @Mmort1812 @enashaca27 @quiksager @duoduo @Usmanmir @enashaca27

Invitation emails have been sent, please check your mail.


Could I please get it too. laurent.baumgarden@gmail.com thanks


Can you please add me to the Canadian Alexa beta program? email is sanroberto@hotmail.com thanks


Hey, I was looking for the invite. Its not in my email or this forum. Where should I be looking?


@zipangulu Have done.


Please provider your amazon account, i will add you in the list.


I left the wrong email. Please send to enashca27@gmail.com


Done, please have a try.


I was able to activate the skill on Alexa, but I’m having issues with Alexa not recognizing a light being available to turn on/off. Do you have a how-to guide to follow? Thanks


From “Amazon Alexa” in the page of “Integration” in Yeelight app(you can find it in the left slide menu), there’s an link of “Link Yeelight with Amazon Alexa”.