When WIll YeeLight Skill Be Avail for Alexa Canada?


hi can i be added to the canada beta jose.cruz.1810@gmail.com


Sam - how did you send a private message? I have tried everything I can think of and I can’t seem to figure out the mechanism for sending private messages. Weiwei said “click on my name” but when I do that I just get a profile box with no option to send a message (Chrome browser, am logged in). Any tips most welcome. Did you get/try the beta Alexa skill?


All added to the beta user list.


Awesome. Thanks. Will try to add the skill right now.


Answering my own question - you can’t send a private message until you reach the “basic” level in the forum system. So, I think you might have to request that, or just participate in the forum long enough to be a trusted user.


Could you please add me to Canada Beta too jasonmiller9008@gmail



Can you add me to the beta user as well. Thanks. Khevhinskie@gmail.com

Thanks alot



Just wanted to thank the admin for adding me as a beta tester. Everything works and works perfectly. Only downfall will be when it does release in Canada you’ll need to reset and setup each device/light on Canadian server and then adjust any of your routines or automations.

I even figured out a way to make the living room and TV strip lights to flash for 30 seconds, 5 min before we normally kick my son off the Xbox at 6 pm weekly. Then he has no excuses to say he didn’t notice time :joy::joy::joy:


Please add suhi18@gmail.com to the list.

Thank you.



Could you add me to Canada Beta Test?



Can you add me as a beta tester as well, I’m new to the forum so I cannot pm you directly… cjosling@gmail.com


Please add me to the Canadian beta.

Email is Alex.symianick@gmail.com


Please add me to the Canadian beta testers.


Could I try out the Canadian beta c_laughland@hotmail.com


Hete is my email sylvain@manitoulin.net.


I have recently purchased a Yeelight smart bulb and would love to get the Alexa app. If you can still do this for Canadians, my email is cleverusername@shaw.ca


Can you please add me to the Canadian beta? Amazon email is cleverusername@shaw.ca.


Already sent you the invitation through mail, please double check your mailbox.


Which mailbox should I see it in? It’s not in my Gmail, not in my normal mail, and I don’t see anything on Amazon. =/


Got it, thanks! :slight_smile: