When WIll YeeLight Skill Be Avail for Alexa Canada?

Just a quick question for YeeLight reps. Do you have a timeframe as to when the YeeLight Skill will avail for Alexa Canada? I purchase a few lamps and a strip light for TV. They work great with Yeelight App but I cannot control through Alexa app.

I would love to have the ability to adjust light colors, dimming and on and off features with Alexa Echo Dot. I know you guys are on it as all this just came avail for Canada. If there is another Alexa Skill App that works with Yeelights as a work around in the mean time please let me know.

Thank you in advance

Already submitted for Canada, Australia and Japan, should already be queued and under review.


What abouf google home support in canada

In order not to open a new subject i am writing my question here… since Amazon echo is now available for Greece since 8/12 (English language) will the skill work if i put a Greek address or you need to also apply for Greece? (i dont have an amazon echo yet so i cant try, i have ordered one end expect it in about a week)

we have enabled all regions in skill configuration page, until now, I don’t see Greece.


I’m waiting for this one to show up too. Been checking every day, still nothing. I can’t believe Amazon would hold up an existing, approved Skill the way they have with this. While I really enjoy the Echo Dot in many ways (hooked up to speakers for music is one), the missing skills is really irritating me.

The workaround I have for the moment is using IFTTT. That will at least let me toggle my LED strip on/off, which is better than nothing. Looking forward to having proper integration via the Yeelight app though.

Please have some patience, the skill review is a long process, there are thousands of skills in queue and we need to wait.

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Hi Canadian and Australian users,

I just found there is a way to let you do a beta testing of Yeelight skill while we are waiting for the official release. Please provide your Amazon account mail and I will send an invitation to you.



Oh, I’m patient enough - especially since I found the IFTTT workaround. I’m not disappointed in Yeelight over this - as far as I’m concerned, this is on Amazon. They should have had these details sorted out before they launched the Echo in Canada. :slight_smile:

See my last post :grinning:

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I would love to beta test the Alexa skill for Yeelight. I have the white bulb and strip light


You need to provide your amazon account mail address to me so I can add you into beta user list.

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Can I send that to you in an email?

Great how do we provide our email address privately? Mine is same email as used for my account here. Thank you so very much! You guys rock!

You can click my name and send a private message to me.

Thank you done!

Hey weiwei, could you please add me to the beta list for Canada skill support? Thanks- email : austinrjcecchini@hotmail.com

Done, please have a try.

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Hi, could you also add me to the Canada Beta:

Sent a private message