Mi LED smart bulbs europe


If this problem doesn’t get solved soon, I will buy a Samsung SmartThings hub and throw away my Xiaomi gateway and Yeelight products, just keep my Aqara and buy some Philips Hue and job done.

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Yep, even I decided to do the same. I will see for a month and throw away everything and buy samsung smartthings hub


I’m also in Europe and this is very concerning considering I just bought a bunch of YeeLight stuff and am planning on buying more.


Hello guys, I have found some relief. I scrapped the bulbs which I bought in europe. I bought bulbs again from Aliexpress from china. They are connecting to mainland china server. so right now all my products were bought from aliexpress, which connect to mainland china. I am planning to use homeassistance to create local server on rasberrypi on my home. I will update you, if I make any progress.
As of now my suggestion is, if you have bought some stuff like me from europe, scrap them and buy from china. Make sure all your products are from same country. FYI… the bulb holder for europe is E27, which is same as in china.


This is not a solution… most of us already have everything bought from China, the main problem is that CHINA SERVER IS TO DAMN SLOW!!! I have 3 lights in Group for my living room and 70% of the time either one or two of them are not responding, either one of them does something else (like you double clicked because of the delay) and they are useless. Same goes for the rest of my house (i have 8 v1 lamps in total and many many sensors). Home Assistant is not a solution for me, i was waiting for two years for Xiaomi and Yeelight to support either singapore server or European server, since they did promise that and because of that promise we kept buying lamps and sensors and what they did is F us big time! There is no excuse, there is no workarounds, either they will talk with Xiaomi and change their mind for old customers (old IDs) or they will have to give our damn money back.


There is LAN control. It works instantly. China server is slow when you use it outside your home. but if you’re home, on the same Wifi, it is instantaneous. I use several Aqara switches and from my phone, and from app on my notebook and it reacts immediately…


No in my setup i experience what i said and LAN control is enabled in every lamp and I dont see anything “instant” between them (yes lan is enabled and yes the gateway is close to the router as are the lamps)


Is it slow from phone or from switches?

Here is demo in my home from aqara switch:


from cube is a bit slower, but that is ok:



switches. The gateway has lan mode enabled (when i was using HA it was fast but that is not a solution for me…) from switches there is always a delay or failure either with round or with square buttons.
Switches are working like lan mode is disabled although it is enabled.


That is strange… there must be something that is slowing it down, or some setting…


Interesting discussion. Relevant laws and regulations in European Union is Aqara answer?



I think i have a clue with what might going on… i noticed that when you have a GROUP of lights (like me), that group doesnt work through LAN but only through CLOUD, even if LAN is enabled in each lamp and in Gateway… If you create an automation with a button and a group of lamps and you go to information of that automation you will see that it is working through cloud. If you create the same automation with each lamp individualy then you will see the word “LAN” instead. The problem is that if i have it like that then if for some reason a lamp fails to turn on/off (and this happens often) then the whole thing gets messed up…


Wow, interesting find!!


Are we sure that the same thing that happened with wifi products like Yeeligh bulb, mi cameras, vacuums e.t.c is going to happen on the sensors? Are sensors binded to any specific region? If they are not we could just purchase a EU gateway and transfer our sensors there.


Even if the sensors work (and i think that if they have a little sense over Xiaomi then AT LEAST they will have them working because its on their and also the local seller’s benefit), still the yeelight bulbs we all have would not work. So the big problem is that we would have to change each lamp!

Each Yeelight bulb costs 40 euros here in Greece (!!!) when the Philips hue bulb only costs 20 euros and the Philips hue bulb WITH the great wireless dimmer switch together both cost 25 Euros (5 more for the switch)!!! You get the philips hue WITH the dimmer switch for 15 euros LESS than a single Yeelight lamp. Imagine someone like me that has 8 lamps.
WHY would i go with Yeelight if i had to change my lamps and why not go with Philips hue this time since they are way cheaper and they work with almost everything out of the box (even with my Harmony hub, another thing Yeelight failed to address two years now), work better with my Alexa and my Google home etc etc and way better than yeelight regarding speed and bugs?
There is no logic in either European prices for Xiaomi/Yeelight products nor decisions for region limitations.

The gateway with two motion sensors, two door sensors and one round button costs 130 euros here in Greece!! And this is the only package available. 130 euros for a gateway with a few sensors that dont even support IFTTT.
Imagine someone like me that has the gateway, 6 round and square buttons, 2 body sensors, 2 door sensors, 3 humidity sensors (not even available here in Greece…) and 8 yeelight lamps!!!
Not only the humidity sensors are not available but also the rest of the sensors are not available! you can find them only in that package so you cant buy more! (what a joke…). Also even if my sensors work, I cannot buy only the gateway, its really pointless!!
So i would need 130 + 40x8 = 450 euros and i would still be sort on 3 humidity sensors and 4 buttons!!
On the contrast, for 8 philips hue lamps i would give 8x20 = 160 euros + 30 euros for the 6 much better switches (each cost 5 euros on top of the bulb price) = 190 euro (they dont even need a hub to work with the switches… although hub is also cheap around 50 euros i think for V2). I already have a digoo alarm that is much better for the job (so no need for body/door sensors and no need for the buttons) and i would just buy 2-3 wireless humidity sensors (after all they are not available here so…) and i am set…
So all Yeelight and Xiaomi have managed to do with their decisions is to lose customers like me.

Xiaomi and Yeelight: Great work guys!!! give a medal to your business management/development department!!


Excellent words stormdreamer. Last week I bought some Hue lamps and I cannot be more happy. Each bulb cost me about 15€ in promo here in Germany, 20 for the white ambient and a switch and if I skip the Hue brand and choose the Innr brand (witch work with Hue) each bulb color bulb costs 25€.

I plan buying a smartthings hub in the next weeks and use all my aqara/xiaomi sensors with it. Overall is a better system than Xiaomi offers in the moment, at least using the china server.


I have the same issue, i want to use the movement sensors but i can’t because yeelight v2 does not appear in the mi home app. I’m based in Romania. Also after the last update of the mi home, now you can’t select the server, only country. When this will be fixed ?


Probably never… they simply dont care
(and if they do ever answer, they will probably throw the responsibility to Xiaomi for one more time… the easy way)


I’m also thinking of getting the hue hub plus then smart things.

Will the Aqara will switch and Xiaomi colour bulbs worth the a Hue Hub ?