Mi LED smart bulbs europe

I have MI LED smart bulbs bought in europe. I try to connect them to Mainland china server via MI home app. I am unable to connect them. All my MI devices, including other sensors and gateway are connected to Mainland china server.
I am able to connect them in Yeelight app, but not in MI home app. so, I am unable to create any automations. I want to buy more bulbs, and sensors to fully automate my house, but I am afraid now on seeing this concern.My home automation is stopped in the middle.
Can you please help me with this issue.

Could you please show me your xiaomi id?

I am still waiting for your reply. what should I do? you have my id now. please resolve the issue


I confirmed with Mihome that if you can’t see the bulb from page of “Add Device” in Mihome, you can’t add it to Mihome.

The question is why is it specific to me? while others are able to add the bulbs to their MI home, why cant I add? what is the solution? should I throw the entire kit now and purchase from some other company. Suddenly you remove my my bulbs from the server and leave a customer like this

I think those bulbs are only for European based servers, they don’t work on the China server. Yeelight products are a mess, they don’t know anything about running a company.


That whole thing in what version of a gateway you must buy, what version of a sensor you must buy, what version of a lamp you must buy etc is just rediculous. There is no logic beside this. The same lamp, the same gateway with different firmware and you only rely in what the store says when most stores just sell the gateway or the lamp or the sensors etc not mentioning about any upcoming “european” versions. We bought the gateway and sensors and lamps and we are waiting for SO LONG (2 years now) to be supported in the European server and now what they all actually say is “oh you know what we have european versions! just go buy them ALL OVER AGAIN!!” that for me is a scam, a rip off and i finally had it with both Xiaomi and Yeelight about this. Since yeelight is under Xiaomi’s umbrella is just as responsible as Xiaomi for how their products work regarding the whole ecosystem. Where was yeelight 1 or 2 years ago telling european customers “please dont buy our products because we are preparing a specific version for Europe”? NOWHERE because money is sweet! but “no we are not responsible about anything… Xiaomi/Aqara always is!” the same excuse over and over. They are both responsible and I am really frustrated for waiting for so long for nothing. What “i confirmed with MiHome” means? When the customer is supposed to find out about this? by luck? after the purchase? if he complains in a forum? where was the sticky announcement that you are preparing european versions? No respect to their customers at all from both companies. If they want our money they first have to gain our respect and that is something they lost in the last couple years, not because of bad products but because of BAD decisions and bad support and that is the saddest part.

Just like one user said, we should report these problems on their Facebook, in the forums they don’t care at all, maybe this way they open there eyes. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Yeelight/reviews/?ref=page_internal

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Yes, now i tried to connect my gateway to Europe server. It won’t connect. So, in conclusion bulbs won’t connect to mainland China. And gateway dont connect to European server. I am left in the middle high and dry. I should have bought some other company like samsung smart things, big mistake. These guys dont have respect for us. Everything was working well till last november. I don’t know what happened that removed my bulbs from mainland china server.I was about to buy the roborock s50. Thank God, I didn’t . Now i stopped due to this reply.

this is crazy and i find it hard to believe that out of nowhere Xiaomi decided to fuck their customers.
you wanna tell me that Yeelight has a specific batch of products for europe that doesn’t allow them to connect to China and vice versa?

i have an entire Xiaomi ecosystem connected to Mainland China which i am not planning to change to Europe as i want to be able to buy new products and actually have them work like Xiaomi’s doorbell which at the moment only works with Mainland China. If i buy a Yeelight bulb from Europe, it won’t connect to Mainland China? how the hell do they know it?

Its branded differently. And its on both, Xiaomi and Yeelight. I mean even the V2 Bulb is not available at Mi Home Europe Server, I think we can be fairly sure Yeelight knew all along about the plans for a new bulb ;D
Now there is a Xiaomi Gateway for Europe but we still cant use it with our Yeelight bulbs… And the EU Gateway cant connect to Mainland China as well…The Yeelight switch is useless and we are right were we started…
If they think they can f*** us like that and just find new loyal customers, they are…

Its easy… if they are keep doing this and try to keep it a secret (they are even afraid to respond here for the last 2 days since they confirmed it) then expose them in every single forum you know in every country so people would know. At the same time you will protect buyers from doing the same mistakes as us and teach Xiaomi and Yeelight a tough lesson. If this is now “their policy” just because they decided to do whatever they want then that should be our policy. I already stopped a few people that were ready to buy hub, sensors and lamps from those two companies. Either they will open every version to every server or noone will buy their products again. If they want to do this then they should offer a compensation, since they knew about this but kept it a secret. We are all here trying to make the products better by either helping others either helping Yeelight and Xiaomi to develop and fix by even doing beta testing and this is the “Thanks” that we get!

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Hello all,

Same here, I bought some lights from Spain ( I am from Portugal ) and I can not connect them to Mi home app. All works fine with Yeelight app but will not connect with my gateway and sensors, so can not perform any scene or automation.

Please be very carefull if you buy new products, make sure they are chinese versions or you will not able to connect them using the china server.

Waiting for a solution.


Waiting for a solution.



The worst part is, everything was working fine till last october novemebr. suddenly, I coudn’t find the bulbs in the MI-HOME app. so, this was done intentionally by XIAOMI. I am planning to replace the whole kit now, with samsung smart hub.
I have tried with every server like singapore etc, the same case, If we connect bulbs we cannot connect gateway and viceversa. This is made by them, to make everyone buy new stuff again, when they are entering the particular country.
Like for example in my case,everything was working fine tilll end of last year. suddenly I realized my bulds are not able to connect to mainland china server. wait for 2 months…tada!!! they have the whole kit in france. now they are forcing me to buy the whole kit here…I will wait for a month,see if they provide a solution and replace the kit with philps hue and smart hub

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Αfter 2 years of waiting for a European server support eventually Xiaomi - Aqara shut us the door and wash their hands of all responsibility

Xiaomi & Aqara decided to sabotage their customers.

I have an entire Xiaomi - Aqara ecosystem connected to Mainland China which and i being waiting 2 years for european server support!!! You let as think that will be able to change the server when you enable them. You let China e-shops sell us your products for years, you had English language in miHome App and sensors menu years ago, assuming that all these products were only for the Chinese market. Lies, you continued to sell and support the international language so you can easily get customers and money. And now we are trapped on the Chinese server and you tell us, throw away all the products you bought from us and buy new ones from Europe to have support from European server !!!

What is supposed to be done by all of your customers to the world that have built huge automation ecosystems but they also need speeds that will be given by European servers ??? Should sell them all? Should they burn them? Should look for hacking solutions; Or should they eventually change a company to automate their home? Probably the last …

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Write your complains about their policy, about the region lock…

I also complain about this unacceptable behavior in any Yeeligh - Aqara - Xiaomi unboxing on youtube.

Maybe we should create some standard text/reply which can then be posted to the forums by people?

This regional division thing is totally unacceptable and is utter bulls***!!!

It is known that Xiaomi has developed a European gateway that only connects to the European server and works only with the sensors that have been purchased from the European market.

Xiaomi thought and implemented the logic of locked areas (region locked). Perhaps they thought that in this way they could give some benefits to the European resellers in order to compete with the cheap prices of the Chinese market and the Chinese eshops. So with the advantage of the exclusivity of the European gateway and sensors and the speed of the European server, the European resellers and therefore the European market will be able to grow.

There is a problem, however, this whole plan was cheating on the Xiaomi first customers who invested in the company for their home automation. And now all of them are forced to either stay on the Chinese server or change a company. Obviously the second solution is more preferable because the Chinese server is too slow.