No connection to Mi LED Desk Lamp with own account


Hi, I can’t connect Mi LED Desk Lamp to Yeelight app with my own account. Using account, china mainland server, I’ve updated to xxx58 firmware, but I have no connection using my own account.
Could someone help me please? I bought the lamp also to personalize it through the app, and after 3 days of attempts I’m still having no success. My id is: 6153134055


So you can connect with but not with your account?


I’m having the same exact issue. I can connect using the yeelink account and upgrade the firmware. but when switching back to my own account, it has the same issue of connection time out.


Please connect with yeelink account again to see if the lamp is the latest firmware version. If yes, it should be ok with your account, I have tried from our lab.


This fixed my problem. thank you very much. God bless


I’ve not fixed mine :pensive: I’ve last available firmware, seen form yeelink account, but when I come back to my account I can’t sync my lamp, I reset every time, put router wifi password, connect to lamp wifi, come back to app and get a time out error very quickly or waiting a lot with process stopped at 25%


It seems the lamp doesn’t connect to your router, please check if you can see the lamp from DHCP list.