Time out beetwen the Bulb and the WiFi router connection

Dear Yeelight Mi company,
I bought two Yeelight LED Bulb(color)., I download the Yeelight app. to my phone,creat my own profile. I found the Bulbs, and I connext it with my phone, only the Last step failed the device cannot connect with my WiFi router. I don’t know how can I solve this problem. If You have idea, please Tell me.
Thank You!

Best regards,
Kecskeméti Máté

Hi there, go check the tutorial i just created, hope it will work for you Tutorial : how to solve connections issues

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Dear DaCruzi,
Thank you so much your kindness answer. I tried what you wrote, but it wasn’t work.

Yeelight Company, please help me about my problem. I need the solutin as soon as You can know it. Thank you so much. I got it my Birthsday, and I really want to use it.

Best regards,

Kecskeméti Máté

Try to set the DNS on the router to See if the bulb connected to your router in the connected devices?