Tutorial : how to solve connections issues

Hi guys, in advance sorry for my bad english, i’m french. Don’t worry i’ll do my best :smiley:

So i’ve just received two new bulb form yeelight and i’ve already 6 in my house. Haven’t had any problem to connect all this bulbs but since like 1 week i wasn’t able to connect my 2 new ones. I’ve tried everything in this forum and can’t get things to work, it was driving me insane. Yesterday i found the solution and i’m here to help all of you :wink:

This solution work also for people with app saying connected successfully but with a bulb that don’t appear on the list

Step 1 :

Go to Yeelight App , More, and check if region is on Mainland China
Go to Mi home App, Region and check if region is on Mainland China

Step 2 :

Reset the bulb you want to connect. Then go to your Mi home App, normaly it will say he has found a bulb but if not go to add new and select your bulb.

Step 3 :

Associate your bulb with the Mi home App, then go to your Yeelight App, your bulb is on the list normally. Go check if there is any firmware update for the bulb. Then delete the bulb for the Yeelight App. Do the same on the Mi home App.

Step 4 :

On the Yeelight App, more and select your default region ( mine is Singapour ). Then add the bulb like you do ordinary and you will see that now hte bulb can connect and appear on the list like normal.

This tutorial was a necessary for me, has it was driving me crazy for 1 week. I really hope this method will help a lot of you, for me it works like a charm, i have now my 8 color bulbs and i’m waiting for another.

Also keep in mind that i’ve done my best for all of this, sorry for my bad english or my repetition. Cheers :smile:

Good job, thanks for sharing.

Do you mean you need update firmware in Mainland China server firstly, then you can connect it to Singapore server?

Yes exactly. I wasn’t able to connecter my bulb to singapour and when i saw that on mainland china there was a firmware update i’ve done it.

I don’t know if there is anything related to the problem i was having but i’ve done it for all my bulbs that wasn’t working right :blush:

Thanks for your update, which bulb do you have, v1 or v2? Which version of firmware do you use now?