Connection timeout issue

Hello, I connected with the account you listed, the lamp worked, I updated the firmware to the 56 version.
Then I reset the lamp and logged into my own account, but I still had the connection timeout issue.
What should I do? My ID is 6156508276

update: I did the same thing once again, I got the 58 update (China server) and everything worked out!

Can you please whitelist my account? I am having the same issues.


There’s no whitelist to fix the issue. It seems your account isn’t the case. Please try changing DNS of your router to and reconnect again.

I`m using for mi devices. But when connecting from a mihome plugin, I often get a message that the lamp is not online. After repeated attempt - I successfully connect.

Hi! please, add me to the white list for Mi Bedside Lamp.
My id is: 6159149547

Thank you very much

Best regards

There’s no whitelist to fix the issue, please follow the steps above to have a try.

I spent 3 afternoon to connect 2 lamps to the network without luck. I tried everything… I wanted to write on the forum when I saw this forum thread. This was the only thing that worked. I was over the moon when finally my lamps connected. Thank you very much Dingyichen!! :slight_smile:

I’ve followed the instructions above. The lamp connected to the above account successfully. The firmware updated to 1.3.0_0055. I’m still unable to connect with my own account. My ID is 6159945777. Do I need to be added to a white list?

Latest version isn’t 1.3.0_0055, please select China Mainland server, update to latest firmware and try again.

I’m really sorry I tried that just before I saw your reply. It’s working with my account, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Pls add me to the whitelist, my id: 6158941791. Tried setting up my bedside light for a gd 2hours

Thank you so much

I tried, managed to connect.But now it went offline, unable to connect anymore.Is my light faculty?

I’m trying tris procedure since two days with two different bulbs and two different routers with no success…could you please help me? Thanks!

Hello, i have the same problem to connect the lamp. This evening i would like to try your solution.
Pls add me to the whitelist, my id: 6162545476.

thank you very much

Can’t wait to try this when I get home. I’ve been doing everything to get that lamp to work. My ID is 6155946089

@insert @ponsolo @chiara79

There’s no whitelist to fix the issue, please follow the steps above to have a try.

Thank you very much. Now my two lamps work perfectly .


I have the same problem as others. Please add me to the whitelist so I can try this solution.
ID: 6167725985, Mainland China