Mi LED Desk Lamp - unable to connect

Hey there,

After the latest firmware update I’m able to connect the mobile app to the lamp.

Great thanks for the fix! :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue, I have used the xiaomi account and it works but when I get back to my account the app doesnt let me add the lamp.

Try to change to the China server while using the given account. I think for now the latest beta firmware v1.3.6_0056 is available only via this server. With this version of the firmware the rest of the things should be ok.

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@dingyichen I’ve bought the lamp yesterday and was fighting with this issue all the day trying to connect using iOS, Android, Yeelight, Mi Home, with debugging my network connection, vpns, trying all available servers etc.

I was about to give up and return the lamp, but connecting to your account and updating the firmware to v1.3.6_0056 beta did the job. It is working fine right now & after coming back to German server. Thanks and feel free to debug also logs from my cloud account 6151893819

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Thank you so much ! Now it works!


I have the same problem as others. Please add me to the whitelist so I can try this solution.
ID: 6167725985

I log in with lixin@yeelink.net and password yeelink1234 Mainland China server. It says, account id/password is incorrect.

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I logged on with lixin@yeelink.net account, updated firmware to the latest version, then reverted back to my profile and connected without problem. Many thanks!!!

I have Xiaomi Phillips Zhirui lights, it works for me with your account but does not work with mine even after, my id is 6176186699. Really appreciate your support, what can I do to make it work with my account?

This is Yeelight, we know nothing about Philips.

My id 6191295837
I use china sever in the mobile app. Would be great if you have a fix for that.

Please refer to the topic:

I upgrade is the latest firmware 1.3.7_0058 but change my account is not connect from lamp to wireless.

Hi, I’m having the same trouble.
I did connected by this try account and worked perfect, but when I switched back to my it didn’t worked out.
My Id is 6200119069

Have you updated firmware to latest with the account?

Hi all, i also have tried this account and it works. Could not connect xiaomi Philips Zhirui downlight with my own account. with this yeelight-account i can. Country is set to mainland china, app has the latest updates. But no go with my own account. With this account it works, but when i switch back to my own account i cannot connect the lights. ID is 6172811581.

Hi, this is Yeelight, please don’t ask anything of Philips, we know nothing of it.

MI ID - 6217915403

My having the same issues with my account ID. Is it possible to change mine as well please?


Please refer to

Hello I am having issues with connecting my Yeelight LED desklamp please help me