Can't connect to Router

I purchased a yeelight bulb a few days ago and it will not connect in the yeelight app, it will get to 25% then it will say " “Connection Failed” Please check your device and enter the correct info" but I am entering the correct password for the wifi… it only contains letters and numbers, no special characters.
I do not see it appear on my DHCP. I saw on another thread a staff member said then the domain “xiaomi” is being blocked. How would I be able to unblock this? I have an RT-AC87U Router. Also my DNS server is set to I also am on 2.4GHz with a WPA2-Personal.
My MI ID is: 1906018347

Same problem. Please help us

Please have a check if the bulb connected to your router firstly.

Would any staff be able to assist us?

Hello all!

I have the exact same problem and i dont have any idea how to fix this. I reset my bulb many times and it is loosing my router connection and fails to connect after 25%. Could you please help because i would like to use my bulb so much.

Thanks, Gabor

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Same problem, help please.

I’m not sure if it is connecting. It does not appear on my DHCP list. When going through the app I enter select the bulb then put in my wifi’s passcode. Then it proceeds and stops at 25%. The tells me the error listed above.

Keep us updated if you get it resolved please!

So the bulb has problem connect to your router, please check if the password is right. And do you have any special character of the password? What type is the router?

Yes my password is correct. My password contains letters and numbers only. If I type the incorrect password it will not get passed 0%. I have a RT-AC87U Router as said above in my post.

So please double check if the lamp connected to the router when connection fails.
If yes, please have a try with changing your router’s DNS server to instead of using automatically allocation?

How would I know if it is connected? Would it appear on my DHCP list? if so then it does not appear there. The DNS is already set to Please note I have said this above in my original thread already.

Yes, you can check it from DHCP list.

So there’s some problem when the lamp try to connect to the router. Please use another phone to setup a hotspots with 4G network and try connect the bulb to it.

Ok I’ll try that. But to get the issue with my router resolved, what can I do about that?

I tried it with another phones hotspot and I get the same issue. It does not pass 25%.

I still would like to get this resolved.

I have the very same issue with my ceiling light. Unfortunately the same things are constantly said check DNS, check password is correct. This is all stated as you have done but then Yeelight staff no longer reply back.

@kyleluna @Robbie

First of all, please check if the bulb connected to your router, you can check it form DHCP list.

As I have said before, It does not appear on my DHCP list. Also my wifi is on 2.4GHz with a WPA2-Personal.

Same here. It does not connect.