How to connect Smart Home + Yeelight + Alexa?

Hi all. I have some Xiaomi products, even more are on my way. I have also bought a Xiaomi Gateway to enhance my home automation, BUT… i know there are a LOT of issues with the servers.

I have these Yeelight products:

  • 2 x Yeelight RGB Bulb (v1)
  • 5 x Yeelight RGB Light Strip (v1)
  • 1 x Yeelight RGB Bedside Lamp (v2)

And these Xiaomi/Aqara products:

  • Xiaomi Dafang 360 degrees camera
  • Xiaomi Gateway
  • Door/Window sensors,
  • Flooding sensor
  • more.

I want to have the ability to control my devices through Alexa.

Currently I use MI Home on Mainland China and Yeelight on Singapore.

How to connect everything so that I could have both the automation and voice control? Is it even currently possible, looking at the whole situation with Xiaomi/Yeelight servers? I have read some information about the Germany server but turns out it’s lacking some of the smart home devices and Yeelight doesn’t work with Alexa?

Please refer to Call for beta users for Brand New Yeelight Alexa Skill , thus you can connect all devices to Mainland china server.