Call for beta users for Brand New Yeelight Alexa Skill


Hi all Yeelight Alexa Skill users,

Our brand new Alexa Smart Home Skill is going to support Mainland China devices. For those who can’t wait any longer and also willing to help us verify our implementation by becoming beta users, please send your amazon identifier to with subject “apply for Yeelight Skill beta testing”. You will receive a reply from Alexa and please enable the invitation then.

Please give us your feedback if you encounter some trouble or find some software issue.

Hobert Lu

Alexa can’t discover Yeelight Lightstrip Plus
Mi gateway on Singapore server

email sent.
I am not an Alexa power user, but I like to try new things


email sent :slight_smile:



Email sent =)


Hi, i have sent the email yesterday but still no reply or invitation yet… anything that i did wrong or i just need to wait? by amazon identifier you mean my email right? or am i wrong? =( @luhaobo


Got the invitation… thanks a lot.


Hi man, what do exactly mean with Amazon Identifier? I don’t know where i can find mine. Thanks


I sent email, please add me


Email sent :slight_smile:


email sent