Yeelight Bulb /w Google Home delay issue

Hi all,

Today I’ve configured my first Yeelight bulb. It works perfect and responds almost instant when using the Yeelight app. But when I control it using Google Home, then there is a 4-7 second delay… I’m located in The Netherlands and I am connected with the recommended server (Germany).

I’ve enabled LAN control but that doesn’t seem to help, since the delay stays the same.

Is there anyone with the same issue? Or does anyone have a fix for this?


EDIT: Siri responds quickly as well, the connection with Google Home really seems to be the problem.

4-7 seconds delay? You are a lucky guy… mine and others has 11 seconds delay!

Yeah after trying it out more often, I’ve had delays of 10+ seconds as well now… This needs to be solved.


Long delay seems to be gone. Google Home takes 2-4 seconds to process the request, and will then change the bulb.

A Yeelight staff address this issue a few days ago…

Issue or not, it WORKS now. The delay got way less (It’s still there). It didn’t work at all two days ago.

How do you feel now? cloud server has problem a few days ago.

The delay is still there, see other posts for more info.