Google Home takes about 11 seconds to turn on the Yeelight Led Bulb II Color fw 1.4.2_0035 (latest)

From about 1 month my 7 Yeelight Led Bulb II color take about 11 seconds to turn on or off with the google home voice command. It seems a problem created with the Yeelight firmware updated version 1.4.2_0035. In fact 1 month ago with the old firmware took about 1 or 2 seconds for the same simple voice command turn on / off from Google Home. The yeelight App works well. I tried with the US server and China Mainland Server… it’s the same: 11 unbearable seconds to turn on the lights.

it is essential to know that the Yeelight Lighstrip firmware 1.4.2_0049, on the same network and further from the access point, has no problems and lights up in 1 or 2 seconds.

I had reset the lights, disconnected and reconncted the Yeelight service on the Google Home app also
synchronizing the devices every time, everything goes smoothly but the Led Bulb II Yeelight always take 11 seconds to take the voice command from google home.

I assume others have the same problem. How can I solve it?

Here you can find an answer from Google that suggest to ask Yeelight

I’m having the exact same issue! When using voice commands it will also say that it cannot find or connect to Yeelight, bit it will still respond after a while.

I am a lover of Yeelight… but too many problems: too slow on voice commands, sometimes server down, too bright at 1%, colors from voice command are inaccurate… If Yeelight don’t solve problems very very fast,
slowness of the Google voice commands first, my wife will throw out of the house or me or the yeelights!
Please help us!

The weird thing is that Siri shortcuts in combination with the Yeelight work instantly. The problem is only with Google Home.

I know… also with Alexa seems to works well… but from Google says that problem is on Yeelight server side.

These two issues are the reason I’m going to get rid of my Yeelights and replace them. It’s unacceptable for them to lag 15 seconds behind every other smart device in my home network, and they simply won’t dim to low levels. Also there’s the issue of colours not being saturated enough, deep blues having a whiter hue to them, pure red looking more pink, orange having too much red in it…

Lots of people comment that they have these three issues. It would be good for Yeelight to admit these issues do exist, it seems they’re working behind the scenes to fix with an update but haven’t officially acknowledged the problem.

A Yeelight staff finally address the issue and said that they are working on int. Yeelight Google Home/Alexa service degradation

Same here. I just purchased my first Yeelight’s and I can’t believe it takes 5-7 seconds for Google Home voice to control them, yet the Yeelight app is instant. Even the Google Home app takes 5-10 seconds or so. My wemo, lifx and Sonoff devices are all near instant with Google Home control. Only the yeelight takes ridiculously long.