google home can't connect to yeelight right now

Suddenly Google home is not connecting to Yeelight, though the device is showing in the Google home app. I am using US server. & my MI ID is 1734112867. Please help me. Thank you

Got same issue, voice control won’t work for my yeelights.
I am on German server.
My ID 1666273752

Same here…I am sic of yeelights. I think I will move to Philips hue


Same here! Same time last week! What the hell is going on? For more than a year it’s perfect, then it stops working twice in two weeks! And you can’t blame Google!

Same here, from Italy, connected to German server, Google assistant tells me it can’t connect to yeelight color bulbs right now, but i can still control them from the yeelight app
User kuroitenshi, id 1889768089

I noticed that the problem is from this morning and sporadically the service works and then does not work suddenly

Same here in Spain connected to German server, sometimes it works.


Same here. Now GH disconnected my account and cannot relog.
Alexa works flawless.

Can confirm Google home doesn’t work with yeelight.

Also, is down on IFTTT

Same here, I’m in the UK and it stopped working this morning on the Singapore server. I have switched to the US server and still no go :worried:

Got same issue, voice control won’t work for my yeelights.
I am on US server and I am unable to link it back with the Ghome app
My ID 11891117939

The same thing happened to me last week, and now again. But even when the commands work, they are super slow…

Same here, the Netherlands, using the German server, app is working but not the GH voice control.

Same problem for me in UK using the US server. Been unavailable for a few hours now.

Same problem with Google Home in Perú.

In Brazil using server EUA, have some error… Starts today Morning.

I’ve connected my yeelights via MiHome app (xiaomi) and they work like charm.

Voice commands started to work now for me.

As of right now, the commands seems to be working for me . But the lights are super slowly to respond with commands like “Turn On the lights” “Turn off”, etc. But if I say “Activate Scene_Name” it activates instantly. This ha been an issue for the last week.

We will report this issue to google. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi all,

It has been fixed, please try again.