Yeelight bulb has stopped working with Google Home

I’ve had my bulb setup for about a year now, on Saturday it just stopped working with Google Home. When I ask it to turn on the bedroom light it would respond with “Yeelight is currently unavailable” this happened soon after the Yeelight update. I have a workaround at the moment using MI Home account but I can’t use any of my scenes.

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Could you tell me you Mi id ?

I have the same problem, my ID 1780144671

now ?

Nothing…not with Google nor with Alexa

Hi, I’m having the same problem. My Yeelights don’t work with my google home after the firmware update. They were perfectly fine before the update.

My id is 1844835153.

Did you change the xiaomi account password ?

Hi bro,

Could you try control your bulb, i will see logs.

My ID is 1776381267

Hi Adam,

I just saw your logs, it works ?

Hey, ciao, I try all the time, no dice, tried again few minutes ago, I still have one bulb that is not recognized anymore by Google Home plus 2 rgb bulb that Google is not able to control. Can we roll back to previous firmware?

Please try re-link account on GoogleHome app, this is not a problem with firmware.

I tried already, several times, I even resetted google home, nothing, still can’t control with voice, still can’t control with google home app, still one bulb missing. you say that this has nothing with to do with firmware update, anyway bulbs worked perfectly for months and stopped working the second after firmware update, maybe coincidence, I don’t know, it’s not relevant to me, please help me to fix this, thanks.

Yes I did. But the bulbs stopped connecting to google home before I changed my password. It definitely stopped connecting right after I did all the firmware updates.

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Mine Don’t work either , please help mi id 1889160326 (with alaxa)

Hi, try to say “Okay Google, sync devices”, i’ll check the sync logs.

Hi, you must re-link xiaomi account after changing password, this is safety reasons.

Only Alexa?

Everytime I unlinked and relinked yeelight account I asked Google to resynch / update devices…@yusure