Yeelight bulb has stopped working with Google Home


Sorry, not found any logs about this xiaomi ID “1780144671”, could you record a video when you re-link account ?


@yusure sure, where I can send video? I cannot upload here it seems.


My email:


Done, let me know if you need something else mate, thanks.


Hi bro,

I see the problem, you have two accounts, 1780144671 and 1672649250, please clear browser cache and link by “1780144671” account.

“1780144671” has 3 devices
“1672649250” has 2 devices

So, please use “1780144671” to login.

Good luck for you!



@yusure you did it! great job brother, thanks! all fine now :):smile:


have fun


Same thing here in Quebec, Canada. No longer found by Google. I remove my account from Google Home and tried to the link it, but getting an error. I can still my phone app with the light bulbs.


What error ? can you upload a screenshot ?


Hi, my Yeelights have stopped working with my google home again. This is the second time in a month. The first time was apparently because I changed my mi password but this time I have not changed anything. My mi id is : 1844835153


Hi Tina,

I just find you control logs, did you fix?