Google and Yeelight Accounts unable to link

I have been using these lights for a while with no issues. This morning the lights wouldn’t function with my google home. I told it to turn the lights off and it responded with “we can’t get Yeelight now”, so I unlinked the accounts and tried to re link them. Every time I try to link them through the google home app it’s just says “Something went wrong”. Please held this is very frustrating. My Id is 1746634740

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Same here

Also having the same problem, Hadn’t been able to control my lights all day so I tried unlinking my account and linking it again. Now when I try to link I get an error that says couldn’t update the setting.

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Sounds like it’s a server malfunction or something hope they get it fixed. Glad to see I’m not the only one having the issue


We will take a look at issue.

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Tried reconnecting today and it worked

Yes, it connected but commands take forever to happen or just don’t work.

When will this get fixed?

Same problem here, 3 light bulbs don’t work anymore with google home, even after unlink and linking again Yeelight account. This happened after updating to the latest firmware. Hope this will get fixed soon, thanks.

Me too, still

Working on it. Stay tuned.

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Any update on the fix? @coasterli


From our side, we could see the service in good shape now, could you please let us know your xiaomi id and try again?

It still takes link 5 secs to change brightness for example.

My Xiaomi ID: 1609626806

So, it behave better before? Which server did you select?

Service is working only for the Yeelight app, doesn’t work anymore with Google since saturday, since latest firmware update. I can’t control lights with voice anymore, please provide a fix or, at least, a way to roll back to previous firmware, thanks.

It has nothing to do with firmware update. We did monitored some server-side degradation happened on last Saturday and Sunday, but everything is recovered now. So, please try again.

Sorry man, I’m out of options right now, I tried everything I can think of: switched server (from german to usa), resetted Google Home, unlinked and relinked Yeelight account, resetted bulbs…nothing. I honestly don’t know how you can say that firmware update has nothing to do with this. Everything worked flawlessy for months, the second after, not after five minutes or two hours, just as I updated firmware all three bulbs I have in my home stopped working with Google Home. Right now I can control lights only with Yeelight app. I Have GH and Alexa, both are not capable to control light bulbs. I have other devices and they are all working perfectly with Alexa and Google. Please, provide assistance mate, thanks.

Sure, will look into it. Please show me the firmware version.

@coasterli here you go… @yusure done