Error connecting with Google Home and Very Slow when connected


My details:

user ID: 5186516310
Server: Singapore

  1. I’m having the exact same issues as described in this other thread: Google Home unable to link with Yeelight / Mi Home
    Whenever I try to connect/ link my Yeelight account in Google Home, I get “couldn’t update the setting. check your connection”

  2. When it was connected till today, since yesterday (after firmware update of the lights), google home became extremely slow at controlling the lights. Turning on and off, changing colors, etc. took more than 7-8 seconds which earlier was only 1-2 seconds. Yeelight app controls work perfectly.

Please do look into these. Thank you so much!

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I’ve got the exact same issue! But I didn’t update the firmware of the bulbs until they stopped working with Google home.

Mi ID: 1615183006
Server: United States
Yeelight V2

Same here, the app is working but when using Google Home voice, the error is: It looks like Yeelight is unavailable right now.

Version 1.4.2_0070
Server: Germany

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I’m not able to connect at all, I sign in to the mi account but then there’s an error on the Google Home app: “Check your connection”. Have tried doing the exact same process on the Xiaomi account, the Google connection goes to a form that doesn’t exist or isn’t responding:

My account is: 1609626806

Hi, I have same problem (can’t connect to Google Home). Tried all servers (now I’m on German) and update to latest firmware (1.4.2_0070) my bulb but nothing worked.
My ID: 1599329038