Yeelight Google Assistant service support Russian now!

We have officially rolled out new version Yeelight Google Assistant service support Russian language.

So far, Yeelight service support English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish. More languages will be supported in future version.

Please let us know if you are facing any problem with the languages support.

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Amazing news!
I had check skill list in Russian, but it doesn’t appear at this moment…

Weird. I will feedback to google.


Just got response from google, the service was just get approved, but they still need time to put it online.

Could you please help to check the page in the following days and let us know? Appreciate!

Yes of course :slight_smile:


Would you consider to support traditional Chinese as it is just released?

Really? But I didn’t find that option in the language list. Will double check with Google.

Still not appeared …
I’ll check in the evening again


Just confirmed with Google, that’s just for Google Assistant, they are still working on the Home Control part.

Thank you, hope to get updates from you in the future.
If so, My mom can use voice control for Yeelight at home.
Can’t wait for it.

For sure we will update to support it.

Still not avaliable in Russian…

But i think home automation in russian Google Assistant was disabled by Google.

OK. There must be a lot need to do…

Okay, two weeks later, still nothing. Is there any news from Google?

Same for Portuguese. Still don’t appear on the list. I tried on the phone and don’t even recognize the command yet.

No, we just got confirmed google assistant launched in Russia and Yeelight service already deployed. Not sure when will google launch Home Control in Russia.

There is only one option for Portuguese, and we have deployed. I will double check with Google.


Oh, okay, well, thanks.