Yeelight Google Assistant service support Russian now!



How about now?


No… :frowning:


no idea why it take so long…


Nothing yet to appear the commands in Russian or in Portuguese-Brazil, do you have any idea why Google does not enable everything is already right on your side?


I believe it’s not only for us. Did you get any other action available in Home Control section?


Did you get any other action available in Home Control section?

Yes, we have.


I have just confirmed with Google engineer, they will look into it.


Hi all!

Good news, Yeelight is appeared in list of russian skill:

How it works, i can try in the evening.


It seems not working.
When I say the command “turn on the lights” in russian - shows the search result on the Internet: (


nothing yet for portuguese :disappointed_relieved:


Did you try with the smartphone’s Assistant or with the Google Home device?




My guess is that in order to make it work Assistant should support Russian on Home devices which it doesn’t as of yet.


@Modestik Thanks for your feedback. I have got confirm that it was bug that cause Yeelight skill can’t shown in action list of Russian. Now it was fixed.

For voice control issue, I will double check with Google engineer.



Home control doesn’t support Russian so far, please check all the supported languages blow:


Ok, sorry…


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