Ceiling light lag/delay physical switch on

Hi yeelight, my yeelight was updated recently to firmware 1.5.9_0040, it seem good initially, i have 5 yeelight, 3 of the Yeelight Galaxy LED Ceiling Light without that ambiance led strip (i believe the older version).

1 of it, after the update, start to behave abnormally. usually all of them are very responsive when i switch on/off via physical switch, however, 1 of the light start to behave weirdly by switching off, it won’t switch on right after that. if i leave the physical switch on for like more than 1min (usually longer), it will light up eventually, and i try to switch it off again, i will have to wait for another delay for it to switch on again even the physical switch is turn on.

before the patching, i can seamlessly physically switch on and off in secs or even in msecs. now i fear it would not switch on therefore i have been using the remote control to switch it on and off.

this is kind of irritating for us as this light is located in masterbed room.

is there a way for me to reset this light? i tried the on/off 5x to reset it but somehow the delay is affecting it’s ability to do a hard reset this way.

i don’t think it’s the connections, it happen right after the patch.

please advise me.

on top of this, i read through the forum, it seem i’m not the only one facing this issue? below are also people having this issue. the physical wall switch is on but no light from the LED light, wifi is offline as well.

i’m in singapore, do i have to provide my ID here too? please let me know soon because i’m getting a contractor to come over my house to inspect on the wire connection, i have another spare light to test it out but i hope it’s the last resort as there will be fee incurred for doing those mounting and unmounting.

Hi. the lab devices works fine. Likely it can be seen on very rare pieces of the same model. We will check recent changes to find possible clues of hardware compatibility issue.

do you need me to provide you any information? i threw a way the box already though.

Hi, same behavior for my new JIAOYUE 450 LED Ceiling Light. May get on 15 o 20 minutes after switching it on.

Also have a YLXD01YL that works fine.

some how this issue auto resolved after i posted in this forum, lol thanks mod i guessed you did something. sorry for late reply.

I’m taking into consideration “investing” in some strip lights, is it worth it? What are your experiences with them?