Alternative bluetooth


is it possible to connect to ceiling lamps with different than official BT remote?
Actually i would like to add BT to raspberryPi and use it to control lamps.

is it possible to pair BT remote control from ceiling lamps to PC (raspberryPi)? I would like to reuse remotes for controlling the lamps, but to change behavior of some buttons. Idea is, that remote is connected to raspberry and this does action on lamp either over wifi (local control) or over BT.

thank you
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I don’t think so. If you want control lamps with RaspberryPi, it is better enable “Local Control” of the lamp, and following the link

  1. i do already, but got situation as you saw here: lamp stop communicated over wifi
    hence would like to prepare for fallback solution.

  2. i would like to reuse BT remotes, have like 10 of them unused atm.

Any update on this? I really like bluetooth aswell and it would be a lot more reliable.