lamp stop communicated over wifi



few days ago one of my ceiling lamps suddently disappeared from AP. According to AP logs, it just stopped communicating (without proper wifi disconnect). Bad is, that it didn’t try to connect again. I let it half a day like that and nothing … it didn’t even attempted to connect to AP. However BT remote was still working. Actually that was the only working thing.

After switching off AC power for like 10 seconds, problem was resolved. Other lamps are connected to AP for 17 days and still work.

However, i would like to know, what happend and how to prevent it in future, as i have full house of these lamps. Any ideas what could be reason? And is there a way to “debug” these problems somehow?

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Alternative bluetooth

Hello, how many devices connected to your router? Is is enough for your router to connect?


not more, then usually. Didn’t have any additional device at home this day. On AP with problemat lamp were most probably 12 devices (radio, tv, 2 mobiles, laptop and rest were lamps and/or wireless switches).
AP is mikrotik, where in logs it’s possible to see even attempts to connect, but there was nothing from that lamp after it disconnected.


12 devices, but basically no special traffic. Only youtube video was playing on TV. Often i have higher load on AP, but so far i didn’t have such problem with any of lamps.

problem was resolved by temporary removing lamp from AC power. No action was required on AP side.


issue repeated today with same lamp. Only lamp has a problem. I happend in the morning, when possibly the only device transferring traffic could be youtube on TV. Don’t know, if youtube was turned around that time.
It just disappeard (stopped sending any data to AP). It trying neither to send any packets over disconnected “session” with AP nor to reconnect to AP.
There are 6 other devices connected for longer than 27 days, 3 more with couple of days and few mobile phones.


What’s firmware version of the lamp do you use?