Whenever i try to switch it off by the control dongle or by phone app, it just turns red and doesnt switch off at all. Only way to switch it off is by unplugging the power which is odd to me. I have resetted the led strip multiple times and it doesnt seem to work.


I have the same problem, and nobody seems to have a solution for this problem…

@PringlesGOD @blazmanmfkz
Could you make a video to show the issue? Thanks

Personally not experiencing this problem.

Hello. I have the same problem.

  1. Received light
  2. Connected it. No issues it works fine (iPhone and Yeelight app)
  3. Play with it for 20 minutes. Everything is fine, I even update its firmware.
  4. Suddenly when I turn it of it turns red.
  5. It works as I want when it’s on. The app turns it on and off and changes brightness/colors without problems. But when I turn it off the app says it’s off but it stays red.
  6. Same behavior with the physical button.
  7. I reset it. The reset works. I sync it again with my phone and app. The issue persists.

I obviously can’t use it this way since it never turns off. It’s very annoying since it never turns off.

Please help.

You guys should try to disconnect the power and connect again.

Of course that’s been already done several times. I’m afraid I’d doesn’t solve the issue.

@dingyichen I’ve made a video showing the issue. How do I send it to you?

I have made a video too, anyway to send it?

I’ve just bought this led strip. Unfortunately, I face same problem as you guys.
LED become red color when turn it off.

Any solution out there? Please help

Exactly the same problem here. Only way to shut it off is by pulling the plug.
Please provide a solution. The product is unusable at this moment.


I can also confirm the same problem, even after resetting and repairing it, still the same issue. Power off will only turn it to red instead so there is no way unless of course like what rpopken said, pulling the plug. Hopefully this issue is currently resolving by the tech team and can be usable again “hopefully” in the next firmware update.


Have the same issue and nothing seems to fix this problem. I am really disappointed by the product. It is new and it does not work - really frustrating - will ask for a refund

Now also suffering this problem since this evening. Hardly a smart light if I have to unplug it from the mains to turn it off etc what a waste of hard earned cash unless this can be fixed.

Feel very disappointed only had the light 3 months and feel I’ve wasted my money and should have baught Phillips Hue!

Should add I have tried the following

Disconnect from mains several times
Reset 3 times
It doesn’t matter if it is linked with the app or not it still goes red when you press the power button instead of off.

Any known solution to this? It still isn’t working for me, but only one of my 3 light strips seem to have the issue, is there anyway to force reflash the firmware? Also I can’t seem to display blue on the light strip, it just looks identical to purple

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I’m still having this issue has anyone found a solution other than to unplug it when you want it off like we had to in the old days lol

Are yeelight looking at this issue. People have mentioned they have made videos and asking how to send it on yet no responses

Im having the same problem. Is there a fix or did I waste my money?

I’m having the same issue, there is a solution?

Update. It looks like the red color is always on, even when i select the blue color, the red will be on transforming the blue into a purple color. So i think that is something wrong with the red color even when the strip should be off.