Unable to link account to Alexa

My bulb stopped responding to Alexa last night, so I tried resetting it by turning it on and off 5 times, didn’t work. Then I tried to disable and re-enable the Alexa skill, but now I am unable to link my account to Alexa. Keep getting “We were unable to link Yeelight at this time. Please try again later.”

Is the skill down?

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Same problem here, bulbs stopped working!
I thought I did something, but looks like not.

I am unable to sinc them back.
Alexa app says its unable to link the accounts.

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I just bought an echo dot yesterday, and I am unable to get the Yeelight skill on my Alexa(We are unable to link the skill at the moment, please try again later message). I called up Alexa support and they replied it was a fault from Yeelight’s end and not Alexa’s.

Please help. I am really sad. It’s the only reason I bought an Alexa to use my Yeelights. Also the Yeelight Color v2 aren’t supported on Alexa?

Feel so sorry. The problem has been identified. Please try it again. Feel terribly terribly sorry.

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Same here. Alexa app says “We were unable to link Yeelight at this time. Please try again later.” Please fix. Thanks!

Hi, I just tried and still cannot link to Alexa.

@luhaobo still getting the same error.
We were inable to link Yeelight at this time.
Please try again later.

Good there’s an answer from yeelight staff team, that makes me feel confident that this will be solve, I was going to order some phillips hue, but really like supporting xi products.

@luhaobo Thanks for the heads up. I recently bought the Yeelight LED Color bulb to replace the TP-Link bulb. Disappointed that my first impression is unable to link to my Echo Dot. I really like the features of the Yeelight like the cool ‘flow’ mode and plenty more customisable options compared to TP-Link.

Please fix this bug asap. Thank you.

Same problem. I still can’t link yeelights with Alexa. Please, resolve this problem.

Thanks for working to fix this issue! I just managed to link the Yeelight and Echo Dot :wink:

I could finally link the account and enable the skill, one of my lights won’t work with alexa though, the other works flawlessly

same issues i have led srtip

I have the same problem.

Please have a go now. Feel sorry again.

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Amazing, it’s now working back again!
Thanks so much Yeelight Staff for fixing it!

Well I still have the same problem. Still cannot link my new Yeelight. The error is still the same.

What is your country of resistance on Amazon?

There is sth. wrong with Amazon code management system. I have actived all the newest code in all countries. Please have a go. Sorry again.

Yay, it’s working again!

thanks for your support

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